Dem Party Executive Director Resigns Over Male Staffer’s Sexual Harassment Suit, Blames ‘Right-Wing’ Conspiracy

The Dems’ hypocrisy includes homosexuals.

The executive director of the N.C. Democratic Party resigned Sunday as calls for his ouster mounted amid questions regarding a secret agreement to pay a former staffer to keep quiet about sexual harassment allegations.

Jay Parmley, who served a year at the helm of the party, denied harassing any employee and blamed right-wing blogs for “spreading a false and misleading story” about the incident. “Even though I have not done anything wrong, it is clear to me that I need to move on,” Parmley wrote in his resignation letter.

……Earlier this weekend, party activists called for Parmley and Parker to resign amid questions about a financial settlement given to a low-level staffer earlier this year who was fired soon after he complained about being sexually harassed by a senior party official.

A false and misleading story…like this.

The Daily Caller broke the news about Parmley’s unwanted sexual advances.

Jay Parmley, North Carolina’s Democratic Party executive director, has been accused of sexual harassment by Adriadn Ortega, a former communications staffer for the state party, according to a report by the J.W.P. Civitas Institute.

An email chain The Daily Caller previously obtained didn’t name the alleged perpetrator or the victim, but confirmed the existence of the alleged sexual harassment, a financial settlement paid to the victim and that Parmley and the victim had signed non-disclosure agreements. Civitas has since reported the names of those involved.

……At least one Democratic Party official in North Carolina revealed apparent concerns about the same-sex nature of the allegations going public, which could pose a political conflict with the party’s attempts at defeating an anti-gay-marriage ballot amendment.

In an email to state Democratic Party chairman David Parker, North Carolina Democratic statehouse candidate Watt Jones said this sexual harassment looks bad for Democrats.

It’s the fault of VRWC bloggers that Parmley, an “all around good guy and a democrat”, who can’t decide between Madonna or doing his laundry, got caught coming on to a male staffer.  

The Dems are more concerned with how this will affect their election chances than they are the sexual harassment in their party.

From an email exchange between North Carolina Dem leaders:

“If this hits the media, the Democratic Party, our candidates, and our credibility are doomed in this election”

In the last 3 years alone, the Dems have trashed the constitution, spewed hate at American citizens who question their hubris, gave their leftwing media pals a pass for slandering female conservatives, and to top it off, female staffers in the Obama administration have complained of mistreatment, but Parmley’s antics will ruin their credibility.


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