Dem Stupid of the Day: ‘It’s Too Hard for Women to Use AR-15s’

From Breitbart:

CAROLYN MCCARTHY (D-NY): I will tell you, if you talk to professionals, hunters and certainly sportsmen, they’ll tell you that’s not the gun to use. A rifle is more accurate. It’s certainly easier for a woman to be able to do that.

Gawd, what a complete moron. She doesn’t even know that the AR15 IS a rifle. I’m a female retired Army Sergeant First Class. I’ve fired all the variations of the standard issue rifle from the M16A1 to the M4. I’ve trained with the M60 machine gun, M72A2 LAW (now called the AT4) and the AK47. I’ve fired all kinds of personal weapons; .44 mag, shotguns, .380 Browning, (which I own) .45cal, .22cal, 9mm, and hell, I’ve lost count.

Wanna bet she never really talked to any ‘professionals’?

The Dems are not only stupid, but they’re misogynist too.

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