Four More Years of Foreign Policy Fail

Helping out his terrorist pals in Egpyt:
State Department refuses to delay F-16 Delivery to Egypt Washington Free Beacon

Enabling the release of a Hezbollah terrorist responsible for killing American troops:
U.S. Turns Over Terrorism Suspect Ali Musa Daqduq to Iraq – The Daily Beast

What Is Going On with the Hezbollah Commander Who Killed U.S. Troops in Iraq? – The Corner – National Review Online

Lawmakers Condemn Release of Hezbollah Operative – Washington Free Beacon

Treating acts of war like a law enforcement problem:
Pentagon Lawyer: War on Terror to Shift Away from Military Operations– Breitbart/Big Peace

After four years of a fucked up ROE  and total incompetence with the war in Afghanistan, Obama says ‘he fell short’:
Obama: We Fell Short In Afghanistan – Breitbart

Pulling out troops without letting them finish the job:
Obama Weekly Address: Not Winning Afghanistan– Breitbart

Leftwing muzzie sympathizer Valerie Jarrett, helps to call the shots:
Valerie Jarrett’s Radical Roots.

Jarrett nixed the Bin Laden raid three times.

And just think, John ‘Band Aid’ Kerry is slated to replace Hillary as Secretary of State.

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