Dems Ignore the Real War on Women

Hint: it ain’t by Republicans.

While the democrats engage in class warfare and accusations of a ‘war on women’ by Republicans, women in other parts of the world are being executed, raped, beaten, forced into underage marriages, and treated like chattel.

The Taliban shoot women over relationships.

Adding insult to injury, Iran, one of the most misogynist cesspools on the planet, was elected to the U.N.’s women’s rights commission.

Abuse of women in foreign countries and continents like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Africa, China, South Korea, and across the Middle East, is rampant.

When it comes to abject hatred of the female sex, no one does it like enraged democrats, especially when the target is a female Republican.

While some women crawl into the gutter by campaigning as ‘sluts and condoms’ for Obama, showing up dressed as vaginas, and pretending to be underprivileged coeds who want taxpayers to pay for their birth control, there are many women who act responsible and pay their own way through life without using victimology as an excuse.

Women are actually flocking to Romney in droves, which drives the Dems to hideous distraction.

Elitist leftwing poufs use mind-numbing scare tactics and stereotypical accusations; manipulating the unionized working class, the poor, and minorities into believing that in spite of the stark contrast between the lifestyles of Dem politicians and their constituents, they really care. (wink,wink)  The Dems have a long history of hypocrisy and exploitation of minorities and women. They need those “victims” as a voting bloc.

BTW: Small business owners who are getting royally fucked by Obamanomics, include women who take exception to B. Hussein’s tax, spend, and ‘spread the wealth’ socialism.   ‘You didn’t build that’ is an equal opportunity slogan.

Newsflash for females who vote democrat: Real women don’t tolerate being used as tools for nihilist assholes.

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