DNC Convention Circus and Media Hacks (With Updates)

The Demtards kicked off their latest convention with their usual class and civility.

Massachusetts Democratic Party Chair John Walsh said U.S. Sen. Scott Brown was trying to be an “honorary girl” by folding laundry.

A California delegate was ejected from the Democratic National Convention after he tried to impersonate a member of Congress and hassled the hotel staff trying to assist a drunken, passed-out delegate.

DNC officials scold reporters for placing items in the wrong recycle bins:

……one of the consultants repeatedly stopped kitchen help at the trash cans to advise which cans to use: cardboard in “Recycle,” food in “Compost,” styrofoam cups in “Landfill.”

I know which one Obama would go into.

California Democratic Party chairman John Burton compared Republican rebuttals to Nazi propaganda. Kansas Dem Pat Lehman followed suit by comparing them to Hitler.

MoMo wants to extend her Food Police to grocery stores.

AFSCME union thug Lee Saunders, took out his frustrations by throwing an empty chair on stage. Clint Eastwood he ain’t.

The scheduled homage to Islamic shitbags was quietly removed from the DNC agenda, so the muzzies held their little prayer ceremony in a nearby park. One of them wore a torn U.S. flag for a scarf.

Bubba Clinton, who belongs under Leavenworth for all of his felonies,  will be delivering a speech to the convention, while the Hildabeast has opted to stay far, far away.

And lest you think Obama’s legion of fans are clamoring for attendance, the Dems are giving away tickets to his acceptance speech.  They also arranged for busloads of people from black churches in the Charlotte area, to fill empty seats.

MSNBC moonbat Melissa Harris-Perry went into a grand mal seizure over business owners who justifiably call themselves “risk takers”.  She screamed for almost a full minute.

Envious, bitter Dems want you to know that not only did you not build your business,  they made it possible.

We’ve still got a couple of day’s worth of bat-shit craziness and lots of lying and spinning to look forward to, before the Dems pack up and leave Charlotte.


The creepy Obama sand sculpture gets doused.

The Dems decided to include god and Israel (our only ally in the Middle east) back into their platform, which brought a cascade of boos and hissing from the Dem contingent in the hall.

Palm Beach County Dem Chairman Mark Allan Siegel sported a “Jews for Obama” pin, and declared that “The worst possible allies for the Jewish state are the fundamentalist Christians who want Jews to die and convert so they can bring on the second coming of their Lord.”

Last I checked it was radical muzzie zealots who are slaughtering people, Jews in particular, by the bushel so that they can make room for their new world Caliphate. Siegel is a typical self-loathing liberal Jew.  What a tool.

Obama’s big speech was moved to a smaller venue, from a 74,000 seat arena to a 20,000 seat area. They blame the weather, but it’s because they simply couldn’t  fill the seats.

No balloons, no fireworks, and no Greek columns. Tsk. The sort of god has lost his magic.

The race pimps are at it:

Dem Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick declared that he ‘will not stand by and let Obama get bullied out of office’.

Obama is one of the most corrupt, narcissistic bullies in the political arena.  His enemies list has expanded into a campaign target.  His union pals engage in bullying as standard operating procedure. His executive fiats and dictatorship tactics include amnesty for illegal aliens, appointing himself as chief controller of America’s communication assets in ‘time of crisis’, and suing states for enforcing our immigration laws.

I certainly hope he gets bullied out of office and into the dumpster of bad history.

Speaking of dumpsters, Bubba Clinton’s speech amounted to ‘nasty, brutish, long-winded’ prattle.  The facts don’t jibe with his fantasies.

Chrissy (“tingles”) Matthews was so enamored with Bubba’s speech, he said that, “I always figured that if Bill Clinton landed on Mars, he would know how to do it with them, he would know how to reproduce, he would know everything.”

There’s just no end to Matthews’ creepiness.

The Dems showcased an illegal alien as part of their routine nose-thumbing at our immigration laws.  The felon,  (yes, illegal immigration IS a FELONY) Benita Veliz, had her deportation halted under Obama’s amnesty.

Another faux Bain Capital sob story: DNC speaker David Foster, a union organizer, claimed to be an employee of bankrupt GST Steel’s Kansas City plant.  The problem is, the liar was never employed there.

Dem delegates want to ban corporate profits. Which means companies couldn’t stay in business, create jobs, or hire people, and the economy would be completely destroyed, but when you’re dealing with the democratic party, you have to expect this kind of mental retardation.

DNC staffers completely censored conservative commentators on Radio Row — the designated set of booths available to visiting talk-show hosts.  Democrats were booked for slots on conservative stations but then cancelled the appearances before broadcast saying,  “you’re not our audience.”

Reporters (guess the MSM affiliations) were spotted using fake names to purchase and wear Obama merchandise. Media bias? What bias?

Five North Carolina Dem delegates did not show up to cast votes for Obama.  The monolithic bloc has a few cracks.

‘Sluts and condoms’ for Obama.

Speaking of sluts, some of them showed up dressed as vaginas.  No class. No dignity. No intelligence.

Sandra (someone needs to pay for my birth control) Fluke also made an appearance.

MoMo follows B. Hussein’s lead with made up fairy tales about their austere working-class life.  The trouble is, neither of them were poor.

Biden’s speech was chock full of ermahgerds. They were so afraid of his incoherent dumbassity, they replaced him with Dick Durbin to introduce Obama.

Obama’s acceptance speech:  He insists he’s a ‘tested leader’ and ‘hope is still alive’.  He wants four more years to finish his ‘fundamental transformation’ of America.

The reaction to his manure spread:

Fact-checking his speech shows the usual disparity between reality and his version of events.

“It was stale and empty. He’s out of juice…..All three days were marked by a kind of soft, distracted extremism.”

“Dull and pedestrian.” (And that’s from a leftwing columnist)

‘One of the emptiest speeches, ever’.

The 2012 DNC convention was undoubtedly one of the most filthy, disgusting, bat-shit crazy parade of leftwing nutbags and freaks I’ve ever seen.  It was morbidly entertaining to say the least.

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