National Debt Hits $16 Trillion as Dems Open Their “Building the Economy from the Middle Out” Convention

Hat tip to  Hot Air.

Well, the scene is already set for an uplifting week of healing rhetoric and outreach to independents.

Democrats are having plenty of high-profile problems dealing with the simple question: “Are you better off than you were four years ago?”

Expectations are being managed.

What they thought was a rambling speech by a fading old-timer turned out to be the perfect metaphor for the president’s lack of leadership, perfectly suited to the age of memes.

There’s a blow-out end-of-summer sale at the Obama store.

The debt clock will deliver a similarly unwelcome message when it clicks over to $16 trillion as the DNC kicks off Tuesday.

The real time debt clock HERE.

Put hope in one hand and shit in the other. Watch which one fills up first.

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