Flashback: Biden Called Service Members ‘Stupid Bastards’

And just think, this assclown might end up being the Commander in Chief.

The Federalist

During the first presidential debate on Tuesday night, President Donald Trump pointed out that, despite the left’s attempts to taint his respect for the military using anonymous sources, Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden was the one who actually insulted men and women in the service on tape.

“He called the military stupid. He said stupid bastards,” Trump said. “And he said it on tape.”

Biden denied the allegations that he ever said anything of his sort, shaking his head.

……In 2016, Biden visited troops stationed at Al Dhafra Air Base in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. In a video recording of his speech, Biden can be heard commanding the troops to clap after he mentioned he nominated one of the appointed one of the lieutenants to the academy. He also insults them for being a “dull bunch.”

“Clap for that you stupid bastards,” Biden said.

“Man, you are a dull bunch. Must be slow here, man,” he added.



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