Cowards Surrender, Americans Fight for Justice

Canada Free Press

Despite widespread and compelling evidence that Democrats perpetrated massive voting fraud on the American people, many supposed conservative pundits, writers, and personalities are declaring Biden the winner.  Before the recounts, lawsuits, and investigations are concluded, these geniuses, you know, the ones that brought us President McCain and President Romney, are belly up for the corrupt-o-crats in the Democrat party and their sycophant Never-Trumpers.  Even GW Bush has kicked the voter to the curb declaring the election was “fundamentally fair” in a call to Biden.  I guess he is a deep state kind of guy now.  Let me get this straight:

The propaganda arm of the Democrat party called the election for Biden on cue

  • We kicked the Democrats rear in everything, but the Presidency?
  • The guy who couldn’t fill one bus for a rally won?
  • The battleground states coincidently had all the problems?
  • More votes than voters?
  • 90% or higher turnout?
  • 4 AM truck deliveries of boxes to counting centers?

When the statistical impossibilities multiplied, you knew the fix was in.
It became clear what was happening when Democrat-run states stopped counting all of a sudden, could not get a count-out at all, and are still holding back.  They were swamped!  It takes time to fabricate ballots and alter voting machine results.  The magnitude of the Trump-win shocked them to their core, as they believe their own propaganda.  They are still hustling to fix the vote. We are discovering many hundreds of thousands of ballots with only Biden on them, with dead people’s names or names of non-existent persons, and of course, the “glitch” that converts Trump votes to Biden, choreographed no doubt long before the election.  To reverse the crushing defeat for the Presidency, Democrats have been committing criminal voter fraud in every Democrat-run state.  The “it may take weeks” game is now the standard practice as they pad Biden votes.  We have it on film, we have eyewitness testimony, we have former participants in fraud telling this is normal operations.  They will certainly ignore the Supreme Court, and why should they not?  They have no fear of any consequences; no one ever goes to jail. The propaganda arm of the Democrat party called the election for Biden on cue.  The MSM does not decide electoral victors but you would not know that watching the bobbing talking heads as they spit out democrat talking points.  Even FOX is now in the tank for the Democrats.  One wonders how much longer a truth-teller like Tucker will last.  The knives are out.  What else will the Ministry of Propaganda omit or lie about?  The narratives seem to come right out of Nancy Pelosi’s mouth.  The best tools of a propagandist are repetition and suppression, the democrats follow rules right out of the Goebbels’ playbook.  Social media and the MSM are suppressing information counter to the Democrat narrative while they pour out their propaganda.

……I read a comment to an article written by the excellent Larry Correia: THE 2020 ELECTION: F**KERY IS AFOOT.  It was prescient:

“Do they want to have a civil war? Because this is how you get civil wars. If the soap box is suppressed, and if jury box doesn’t work, and the ballot box is rigged, what’s left other than the ammo box?”


If Americans are fed up with the corrupt bullshit and the crimes that Dems get away with, then it’s time to surround the Capitol in D.C. and make it known.



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