Flashback: Breitbart Tells Wisconsin Union Thugs to ‘Go to Hell’

Somewhere Andrew is smiling.

In honor of Scott Walker’s victory:

                                                                             Breitbart is here.

We miss you, Andrew.

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1 thought on “Flashback: Breitbart Tells Wisconsin Union Thugs to ‘Go to Hell’”

  1. off the reservation

    I am not convinced that Breitbart’s death was due to natural causes. If it was a heart attack then why did the witness to his death report that he was red in the face while dying? Further, one of the officials involved in the investigation of Breitbart’s death has also died from poisoning. Everything has gone completely dark on further information. The eye witness to his death? Vanished.

    Everything around Obama stinks of putrid death and lies. His associations involve people who killed others to advance political causes and got off on technicalities.

    Think about this. When it comes to free speech, conservatives will do everything to allow anyone to voice their opinions, even the sick and twisted liberal views. Should anyone voice a conservative view, the liberals come crawling from under the floor boards to do anything and everything to crush that speech. Liberalism cannot tolerate the truth and they will kill anyone who has a voice contrary to their opinions.

    Breitbart was a brave man. He fought for everyone. In the end, he was killed by liberalism.

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