Holder Has ‘Superior Knowledge’ That Fast and Furious Emails Aren’t Related to Fast and Furious

In other words, the emails which mention Fast and Furious by name, aren’t really about Fast and Furious.
From Real Clear Politics.

Attorney General Eric Holder’s feet were held to the fire today at a hearing on Capitol Hill focused on the botched “Fast and Furious” border gunrunning operation, a scandal which the Department of Justice is embroiled in.

In this video clip, Holder claims that several important emails with the phrase “Fast and Furious” in them have nothing to do with that gunrunning operation, but a previous one, Wide Receiver, conducted under the Bush administration.

Holder attempted to quell the confusion by informing Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) that he has “superior knowledge” on the topic. Transcript below.
Holder: The email that you just read, now this is important, that email referred to Wide Receiver. It did not refer to Fast and Furious. That has to be noted for the record.

Chaffetz: No, it doesn’t. It says Fast and Furious. ‘Do you think we should try to have Lanny participate in press when Fast and Furious and Laura’s Tucson case are unsealed?’ It’s specific to Fast and Furious. That is not true, Mr. Attorney General. I’m happy to share it with you.

Holder: The Laura Tucson case refers to Wide Receiver —

Chaffetz: It says Fast and Furious. We’ll let the media have it and it’ll play out there.

Holder: Laura Duffy was not involved — Laura was not involved in Fast and Furious.

Chaffetz: The email says ‘Fast and Furious,’ you say it doesn’t. I’ve got it in black and white.

Holder: I’ve got superior knowledge.

He’s got a shitload of dismissive arrogance in spite of the fact he’s been caught lying repeatedly, and that’s about it.

As a matter of fact, Holder and Obama have been lying out of their asses throughout the hearings.  “Big Sis” Napolitano also perjured herself under oath during testimony on the gunrunning debacle.

Superior knowledge from a 2009 speech he gave in Mexico, proves  he openly acknowleged “Operation Gunrunner” and talked about expanding it.

While Holder is pulling the standard “blame Bush” shit, here’s what actually happened:

In Operation Wide Receiver, Tucson agents allowed the sales of more than 500 firearms to known straw purchasers. Like Gunrunner/Fast and Furious, the operation apparently backfired.

Some firearms in Wide Receiver were equipped with RFID tracking devices. In Wide Receiver, it seems the illegal purchasers seemed more than slightly knowledgeable of the ATF and how to take their aerial and electronic tracking procedures down.

Knowing the time aloft numbers for virtually all planes used in government surveillance, the buyers had a simple method of getting their purchases across the border undetected. They simply drove four-hour loops around the area.

As surveillance planes were forced to return to base for refueling, the smugglers simply turned and sprinted their cargo across the border.

The RFID tags also turned out to be problematic.

Rather than making large enough holes for the tags to be laid out inside weapons, agents force-fit them into the rifles.

That cramming caused the antennae to be folded, reducing the effective range of the tags. And an already short battery life (36-48 hours maximum) meant that should purchasers allow the firearms to sit, the tracking devices eliminated themselves.

Thar’s quite a bit of difference between the two operations.

Wide Receiver sought to track and interdict guns being smuggled south using a combination of RFID-tracking devices embedded in the shipments and overheard surveillance aircraft. Wide Receiver failed because of the limitations of the technology used, compounded by the ineptness of its installation and the unexpected resourcefulness of the cartel’s gun smugglers.

As a result of the mistakes made in Wide Receiver, guns were lost: approximately 450 made it into Mexico. As a result, the botched operation launched in 2006 — and in this instance, actually botched — was shut down in 2007.

Compare the mistakes of Wide Receiver to the operations launched under Eric Holder’s Department of Justice, which had the advantages of learning from the postmortem failures of Wide Receiver two years before.

……Fast and Furious used neither tracking devices nor aircraft, ran interference for smugglers with local law enforcement on multiple occasions, and federal agents were not allowed to interdict weapons.

……Wide Receiver was botched law enforcement, while the gun-walking programs of the Obama administration were intentionally criminal — and arguably terrorist — acts, arming violent narco-terrorists waging war on a U.S. ally.

There’s a huge difference between the botched sting of Wide Receiver and the intentionally criminal Fast and Furious.

Holder has been playing the Capitol Hill investigation like a goddamned fiddle. It’s time they not only hold the cockholster in contempt, but start criminal proceedings against him and Obama.

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