Flashback: Obama Pal Google CEO Eric Schmidt: ‘If You Don’t Like Our Spying, Stay Off the Internet’

Just one of the reasons why I don’t use Google.

“If you have something that you don’t want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place.”

—Google CEO Eric Schmidt, 2009

Obama’s friendship with Google:  Eric Schmidt is a big Obama supporter and donor.  For quite some time, Google has been snooping on billions of internet consumers worldwide.  His reward for collaborating  with Obama got him a no-bid government contract for satellite imagery and access to classified data.

Google got my attention a while back by virtue of the fact that the owners are leftwing hacks with a malicious political agenda.   Between its stupid, snarky attacks on George W. Bush and it’s left-leaning practices, I could no longer tolerate using their site.  They also have a penchant for acquiescing to authoritarian communist regimes.

In 2005, Google kowtowed when China cracked down on political dissidents using the site as an outlet.  Davis Drummond’s company made a deal with Chinese government censors to prevent its search engine from being used by dissidents, and even handed over the names of dissidents who posted on Google.  Those poor people are either languishing in prison or dead.

The alliance between someone like Obama and the odious executives at Google makes for a sinister threat to privacy and yet another Big Brother power grab.  He’s already seized 2/3rds of the auto industry, private banks and your health care.   Now he wants to control the internet and free speech.

Google also has a habit of collecting personal information from your home WiFi when their Street View trucks drive down your street.

It’s bad enough that companies like Google spy on their own, it’s worse when they conspire with a hostile socialist oligarchy that hates the Constitutional limits placed on them.



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3 thoughts on “Flashback: Obama Pal Google CEO Eric Schmidt: ‘If You Don’t Like Our Spying, Stay Off the Internet’”

  1. Google Street View, Google Earth, Google satellite. Once Google snapped a photo of the outside of your home, the next part was taking a picture of your life from the inside…via your computer. It will make it easier for “drones” to locate you.

    1. Daniel,
      Alternative to what? Prying into private emails and private information that you don’t want public? The stuff I post on Facebook, Twitter, and my blog does not contain personal items not meant for public viewing. Google and other internet companies have signed a pact with the devil by allowing an out-of-control White House regime to gather information not readily available to the public. Schmidt is displaying arrogance of power. You can bet his email messages and information are not subjected to the same invasion of privacy. You have Google mail, so you’re under their microscope, too.

      SFC MAC

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