Flashback: Reports Confirm Iran Armed Iraqi Insurgency

Iran has had its fingerprints all over Iraq for years.

Via Gateway Pundit

In February 2007 the United States military released photographic evidence supporting Administration claims that Iran was providing material assistance and training to the insurgents in Iraq.



This handout photo released by the US military shows an 81mm mortar round believed to be from Iran and found in Baghdad in January 2007. Sophisticated Iranian-built bombs smuggled into Iraq have killed at least 170 US and allied soldiers since June 2004 and wounded 620 more, senior US defence officials have said. (AFP)


The Washington Times reported:

The largest unauthorized disclosure of classified government documents in U.S. history confirms a long-standing assertion of President George W. Bush at the start of the 2007 troop surge: Iran was orchestrating one side of the Iraqi insurgency.

Field reports made public by the website WikiLeaks on Friday show that U.S. military intelligence agencies had many strands of evidence revealing that Iran provided paramilitary training to Shiite Muslim insurgents at the height of the civil war in Iraq.

In one case, the military circulated a Dec. 22, 2006, warning that a group known as Jaish al-Mahdi planned to kidnap U.S. soldiers. The man planning the operation, Sheik Azhar al-Dulaimi, was trained by Hezbollah terrorists near the Iranian city of Qom, the document stated. Hezbollah is a Lebanon-based militia that was founded, trained and funded by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps.

“This confirms the degree of operational involvement the Iranian Revolutionary Guard used in anti-U.S. operations in Iraq,” said Kenneth Katzman, a Gulf affairs specialist at the Congressional Research Service. “It confirms the degree to which Iran was involved in operations that directly targeted U.S. forces.”


……There is also evidence that the Iranian regime is providing assistance to terrorists in Afghanistan, too.


Under Obama’s watch, weapons that were meant for the Iraqi army fell into the hands of Shiite militias. In 2008, Iranian Hezbollah brigades were captured in Iraq and the regime in Tehran has been paying insurgents to kill Americans and Brits.

Barky also tipped off the Iranians when Israel planned on taking out Soleimani in 2015.

The latest surgical strike against an Iranian terrorist leader in Baghdad was justified and should have happened a long time ago.


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