2 thoughts on “Classic: Army Staff Sergeant Tells Millennials Why There Won’t be a Draft”

  1. johndegbert

    I have long thought that a period of at least two years of some sort of out-of-the house, away-from home, full-time public service (and, yes, military service counts) should be a prerequisite to attending any type of higher education after high school. This should be in addition to Robert A. Heinlein’s route to full (voting) citizenship — as described in his wonderful book “Starship Troopers.”

  2. I think a draft is just what this generation needs. In fact, I say Trump conscript all of these assholes for a term of not less than 2 years, starting after basic training, whether we go to war or not. Then we allow the drill sergeants to go all R.Lee Ermy (RIP. I hope you’re enjoying the NCO club in heaven) on their sorry asses. If they’re grossly overweight they can keep getting recycled until they make weight. If they keep fucking up with any task, Romeo echo Sierra tango alpha Romeo tango! I give them a couple of recycles before they grow a set of nuts and suck it up!

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