Flashback to Another Scamdemic in 1976

This was a preview of things to come. I was stationed in Germany in 1976 and they made us take that fucking shot. I was just one of the hundreds of Soldiers that got very sick from it.


Don’t get that fucking covid vaccine. Do not take the government “experts” word on something just because they have a platform to broadcast hysteria.

1 thought on “Flashback to Another Scamdemic in 1976”

  1. John D. Egbert

    My last flu shot was 1974, when the Steel Canoe Club came up tight the brilliant idea of holding “inoculation day” on the 15th of the month — with paychecks at the far end of the shot line. Three days later I was flat on my back for a week.

    Haven’t had a flu shot since. Haven’t had the flu since. Connect the

    Re the current gigantic hoax, a pair of noted virologists just published a paper. Their findings: there is no such thing as COVID19. It is Influenza A and B. Won’t be getting that shot, either . . .

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