Foer Comes Out From Under His Desk…

……Just long enough to whine.

The New Republic has broken its uncomfortable silence on the Beauchamp debacle:

The New Republic is deeply frustrated by the Army’s behavior. TNR has endeavored with good faith to discover whether Beauchamp’s article contained inaccuracies and has repeatedly requested that the Army provide us with documentary evidence that it was fabricated or embellished. Instead of doing this, the Army leaked selective parts of the record—including a conversation that Beauchamp had with his lawyer—continuing a months-long pattern by which the Army has leaked information and misinformation to conservative bloggers while failing to help us with simple requests for documents.

More lame shit here:

Beauchamp is an attention whore who willingly allowed himself to be used by TNR. In the process, he lied, denigrated his fellow Soldiers, and caused an outrageous distraction that his unit did not need. Everyone makes mistakes, but what he did was not a “mistake”, it was intentional slander with malice and forethought.

If Beauchamp’s own words ( or the lack of factual evidence wasn’t enough to convince Foer that he’s been Glass’d, then he’s really stuck on stupid.

Congratulations, TNR. Your credibility is in the crapper.

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