Former JournoList Member Ezra Klein Briefs Senate Dem Chiefs of Staff

Remember JournoList ?  It was a leftwing journalists’ email club who conspired to promote a pro-Obama agenda.  After they and their group were discovered, they quickly disbanded. 

From JournoList to activist, it appears that WaPo‘s liberal blogger Ezra Klein is once again blurring the lines between being a journalist and trying to sway politics. In what appears to be at a minimum a breach of journalism ethics, Klein spoke to a group of Senate Democratic Chiefs of Staff last Friday about the Supercommittee, just days before the Committee announced its failing. “It was kind of weird,” said a longtime Senate Democratic aide, explaining that while people “enjoyed it” and gave it “positive reviews” this sort of thing is far from typical

A longtime Washington editor who deals with Capitol Hill regularly also said this is not the norm: “”I have never heard of a reporter briefing staffers. It’s supposed to be the other way around. This arrangement seems highly unusual.”

Klein’s speech to high-level Democratic aides was in the Capitol, closed door and off the record. It lasted 30 minutes. “I think they thought it was very helpful,” said the aide. “I think it’s unusual. What’s more common is to get someone like Paul Begala or a White House staffer. To get a journalist to talk is a little unusual.”

It’s not ‘highly unusual’ for the Dems to be in bed with their media lackeys. Throughout their slobbering love affair with Obama during the campaign and into his term, they’ve been sleeping with the son-of-a-bitch.  Leftwing plants in the “press corps” with pre-ordained questions, Chris Matthews getting a thrill up his leg, Brian Williams lashing out at THE ONE’s critics, and those who declare their undying love for the Obamessiah.  It’s some of the most sickening bullshit I’ve ever seen from the leftwing media.  Just think of the grand mal seizures they’d have had if George W. Bush had the same type of zombie followers. 

Klein was probably giving them pointers on the upcoming propaganda push for Obama’s 2012 campaign. The end to this shitbag’s corrupt regime cannot come soon enough.


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