Fugitive Julian Assange Holed Up in Ecuadorian Embassy

The little Swedish stud muffin is on the lam from charges of sexual assault.

From the Guardian.

A major diplomatic row over the fate of the fugitive Julian Assange erupted after the WikiLeaks founder was offered political asylum by Ecuador to escape extradition from Britain over allegations of serious sexual assaults.

The foreign secretary, William Hague, responded by warning the Ecuadorean government that diplomatic immunity should not be used to harbour alleged criminals. He said Assange would be arrested if he leaves the embassy in London where he has lived for nearly two months.

Ecuador’s decision has also angered the Swedish authorities, who wish to question Assange and the two women who claim he assaulted them during a trip to the country in 2010. Assange denies the assault claims and says he fears being sent on to the United States where he could face political persecution for releasing thousands of secret US cables.

The standoff will escalate tensions between the two countries over the fate of Assange, who has skipped bail while awaiting removal from the UK. It follows allegations from Ecuador that the British government has threatened to storm the embassy to seize Assange. Diplomatic posts are often considered the territory of the foreign nation.

From the Daily Mail:

Three police vans remained parked around the building this morning. They have a watch on all possible exits and stand ready to act if crowds get out of control.

Some 30 (British) policemen were posted outside the building, while there were believed to be more inside.

It is said that they are standing on stairwells and blocking the lift, which could be used to take Mr Assange to the roof of the building to a helicopter.

Assange, along with traitor Bradley Manning, was the little crapweasel who decided the whole world should know about America’s national secrets, thereby endangering  the lives of American troops and Afghan informants.

The rebel without a clue thinks people sympathize with him. Wrong answer. He wore out his persona a while back even with his own employees.

1 thought on “Fugitive Julian Assange Holed Up in Ecuadorian Embassy”

  1. SARG…the sex charges may stick…butttttt…

    the leaks that happened was a dubble edged sword…sum o’ the info was bad for our guys…but the good news is…

    security measures have been improved…

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