Obama Turns to Soft Media Because the Main Stream Media is Too Mean

Unbelievable as it seems, Obama thinks his media lapdogs are just too tough on him.

From Politico.

Barack Obama has been taking a lot of questions in the two months since his last press conference or national news interview. He’s just been doing them with ESPN, Entertainment Tonight, People Magazine and FM radio stations around the country, mostly to talk local sports and regional cuisine.
This isn’t a mistake. Even at the height of a campaign in which they’ve been firing hard at Mitt Romney and trying to keep hold of the news cycle, Obama’s reelection staffers are pretty sure most voters aren’t tuning in.
“People get their news in many different ways,” Obama campaign spokeswoman Jen Psaki told POLITICO. “Sometimes it’s turning on ‘Entertainment Tonight’ and seeing what the latest news is out there.”
Psaki said the president will be doing a variety of media appearances in the coming weeks with both national and local outlets, but for now, “We’re reaching an audience that may not be paying attention to the day-to-day political back and forth.”

‘Local sports and regional cuisine’; all the tough issues facing America.


“I just flirted with the President of the United States of America.” *Squeal*

And just think, that group of giggling retards are allowed to vote.

From the New York Times:

“The news media have played a crucial role in Obama’s career, helping to make him a national star not long after he had been an anonymous state legislator. As president, however, he has come to believe the news media have had a role in frustrating his ambitions to change the terms of the country’s political discussion.”

……Privately and publicly, Obama has articulated what he sees as two overarching problems: coverage that focuses on political winners and losers rather than substance; and a “false balance,” in which two opposing sides are given equal weight regardless of the facts.

The NYT oughta know all about that ‘crucial role’;  they’ve been in the Obama camp since 2008. The fawning leftie pundits gave this SCOAMF a huge blow job by serving as a campaign wing. He believed his own press, and up until some of them became disillusioned, it came easy. They were heartbroken when they found out his birth certificate didn’t say “born in a manger”.

The biggest obstacles frustrating his ambitions to change America into a socialist Euro clone, are the Tea Party and a contingent of right-leaning bloggers, radio talk shows, columnists, and pundits, who give the balance that Obama hates.  

He doesn’t like the equal weight or the facts. Neither do some of his ideological comrades in the Fifth Column, who would rather have that balance censored.

Well, there’s always Chrissy (“Tingles”) Matthews and Brian Williams.  If he’s afraid to take questions from those two toadies, he’s really in bad shape.

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2 thoughts on “Obama Turns to Soft Media Because the Main Stream Media is Too Mean”

  1. off the reservation

    The media looks more like a group of people willing to bend over the table and grab onto the edges in gleeful anticipation. Obama does them a good one without giving them the pleasure of a reach-around. And the liberals just want more.

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