Gate Rape 2.0: TSA’s Frisking to Get More ‘Rigorous’

Instead of increasing the methods of sexual assault, the TSA needs to hire more competent people. Their agents are nothing more than boorish security guards.

From Fox News

Passengers at U.S. airports chosen for physical pat-downs will reportedly face a more “comprehensive” screening after a 2015 audit that apparently showed some safety vulnerability.

Bloomberg reported that airport employees have already been notified at some locations that they need to employ a “more rigorous” and “thorough” screening. The screenings will reportedly include “more intimate contact” than before. The new measure also applies to airline pilots and flight attendants.

The Transportation Security Administration told the news agency that airport security workers used to have five search options when conducting a pat-down. But the change in in response to–at least partly– the result of a 2015 audit. Apparently investigators found that small handguns and other weapons that went undetected.

Last month, as many as 11 people reportedly walked through an open and unattended checkpoint at New York’s JFK Airport.

Airport security screeners found more firearms in carry-on bags one day last week than they ever had before on record: 21 across the country, the Transportation Security Administration reported on its blog last week.

That’s nice. But the muzzie terrorists coming back from an al Qaeda or ISIS training camp, who make it through security screening, don’t carry any weapons.

Bruce Anderson, a TSA spokesman, told Bloomberg that individuals who were patted-down in the past will notice that the new measures will be “more involved.”

You can’t get more involved than this:

TSA Screeners Manipulate System to Allow Male Employee to Grope Male Passengers

The TSA is comprised of incompetent thugs who cannot tell the difference between a non-threat and a bona fide terrorist.  But they sure can pick out a target for sexual assault.

The TSA, created in 2002, has never stopped any terrorist from actually boarding an American commercial aircraft.  But they utilize x-ray scanners, metal detectors, pat-downs, sexual molestations, strip searches, and federal air marshals, to target Kinder Eggs, whistleblowers, thermoses, refusniks, white middle-class Americans, elderly people, mentally retarded people, leukemia patients, children, and Soldiers.

And to top it off, the TSA won’t prosecute the sexual predators.

El Al (Israeli airlines) has a triple system of common sense security: Profiling, questioning, and checking documents. It’s the safest, most secure airline with regard to counter-terrorism in the world. The TSA should be replaced with a private security agency, preferably staffed with former counter-terrorism military personnel, who know what the fuck they’re doing.

Instead, they’ve decided to ratchet up the stupidity.

Congratulations, TSA. You’ve convinced me to do what no terrorist ever could; not to fly.

2 thoughts on “Gate Rape 2.0: TSA’s Frisking to Get More ‘Rigorous’”

  1. We, anti-Western cultures import, we collect the harvest.

    Then, the people charge against the police.

    People often confuse education and values with trade and business.

    Each affected becomes a patriot of his respective nation, or aims to be a benchmark Western partner.

    There is collateral damage, for example, persons who are not of white race, where he unwittingly become suspects. Although that is already known.

    Thank you very much for the article.

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