Just a Reminder: Proof That Obama Wiretapped Trump

From the leftwing New York Times, no less.

American law enforcement and intelligence agencies are examining intercepted communications and financial transactions as part of a broad investigation into possible links between Russian officials and associates of President-elect Donald J. Trump, including his former campaign chairman Paul Manafort, current and former senior American officials said.
……It is not clear whether the intercepted communications had anything to do with Mr. Trump’s campaign, or Mr. Trump himself. It is also unclear whether the inquiry has anything to do with an investigation into the hacking of the Democratic National Committee’s computers and other attempts to disrupt the elections in November. The American government has concluded that the Russian government was responsible for a broad computer hacking campaign, including the operation against the D.N.C.
……The F.B.I. is leading the investigations, aided by the National Security Agency, the C.I.A. and the Treasury Department’s financial crimes unit. The investigators have accelerated their efforts in recent weeks but have found no conclusive evidence of wrongdoing, the officials said. One official said intelligence reports based on some of the wiretapped communications had been provided to the White House.

That’s the corrupt Obama regime White House.

A FISA court gave Obama permission to wiretap Trump tower in October under the guise of national security.  Obama did that in case Trump was elected, so he could use whatever eavesdropping he compiled to undermine the Trump administration.  He pulled an end-around and basically lied to FISA in order to get the permission to wiretap.

More: https://heatst.com/world/exclusive-fbi-granted-fisa-warrant-covering-trump-camps-ties-to-russia/

According to Dem Senator Chris Coons (D-DE), he did not have any “conclusive proof” about whether there was collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

From one of Obama’s former speech writers:


Obama toady Ben Rhodes, a former spin doctor who bragged about creating a media echo chamber to sell Obama’s dicked-up foreign policy, and who also had a hand in the infamous Benghazi “talking points”, is part of the effort to target Trump.

Former DNI director James Clapper, who committed perjury about blanket NSA surveillance, says he knows of no evidence of a Trump-Russia collusion.

A U.S. intelligence official told NPR’s Mary Louise Kelly that there is no evidence of criminal wrongdoing in the transcripts of former national security adviser Michael Flynn’s conversations with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.  The official also says that there are recordings as well as transcripts of the calls, and that the transcripts don’t suggest Flynn was acting under orders in his conversations.

Which brings this question:


In a nutshell:


The whole concoction of Russian ‘influence’ is a result of WikiLeaks’ flood of emails from Hillary’s illegal, unauthorized, use of an unsecure server to transmit classified information, and the Prog bitterness over the election loss.

Matter of fact, Hillary’s relationship with the Russians involved a spy and selling uranium to Russia when she was Secretary of State.

8 years of in-your-face criminal activity and unconstitutional transgressions by Obama and his cabal, but not one fucking peep of outrage from the Dems.

That’s the way they roll.

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