General Petraeus Scheduled to Testify About Benghazi

Petraeus is scheduled to testify before Congress about Benghazi again, this time behind closed doors.

His exit from the CIA has nothing to do with his extra marital affair. The FBI had been investigating this for  months without so much as a fucking whimper.

This just in: his extra marital liaison, Paula Broadwell,  absconded with classified documents, which were found in an FBI search of her home.  She might be prosecuted.

My guess is that he resigned because Congress announced it would yank him back for another round of testimony and ask him some pointed questions about the huge discrepancy between his version of the attack and the facts.

Petraeus lied to the House Intelligence Committee when he fecklessly blamed the Al Qaeda-coordinated attack on a ridiculous video.  He thought Obama regime would keep the affair quiet in exchange for his perjury during his initial testimony. He parroted the bullshit party line like a good little PC General, and they screwed him anyway.

Then he went to Libya on a “fact-finding mission” and had an epiphany.

He’s on his way out of the Army, too. It won’t be long before he submits retirement papers, if he already hasn’t done so.

Maybe he’ll tell the truth this time.

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