Gloria Estefan’s Betrayal of the Cuban Exile Community

Leftwing Hollywood’s greatest failure will always be its short memory.

Gloria Estefan held a $30,400 a couple “cocktail party” that helped raise $2.5 million for of all people, B. Hussein Obama.  This has understandably sent an earthquake of anger throughout the community of Cuban exiles in the United States.

Via Humberto Fontova at Big Hollywood.

……The Fundraiser has raised a ruckus in South Florida of such proportions that even the Associated Press and Reuters are reporting the details!

……OK, a little background might help. Exit polls show that Cuban-Americans voted against Obama by the highest margins—and by far—of any U.S. ethnic group, including “anglos.” We’re going on almost 50 years of their exile but not all the King’s Horses nor all the King’s Men have been able to bring Cuban-Americans around to follow the lead of the majority in their adopted country and register Democratic. Even with the third generation registering to vote, a measly 13 per cent of these incurably obtuse and unenlightened people register with America’s majority political party. This is the most diminutive Democratic registration of any ethnic group in the U.S. And 72% of these obviously incurable reactionaries are registered with America’s minority party (Republican).  This is the highest for any ethnic group in the U.S.

……In brief:  What we hear from Democrats sounds too much like a lite version of what we (or our parents and grandparents) fought against and suffered from in Cuba.

Even worse, the legacy of being used, swindled and cast away like an empty wrapper or otherwise “mislead” by snickering Democrats weighs heavily on Cuban-Americans.

“If we have to get rid of these men, it is much better to dump them in Cuba than in the United States, especially if that is where they want to go.” That was JFK finally rationalizing his (tardy) go-ahead for the Bay of Pigs invasion. (49 years ago this very week, btw.)  Not what you’d call a “Churchillian” send-off  for a fight against Stalinists who jailed political prisoners at a higher rate than Stalin himself, murdered more political prisoners than Hitler’s regime pre-ware, and  who the following year threatened the U.S. with Nuclear obliteration. Gloria Estefan’s father was among those “dumped” by JFK, by the way.  For details of the entire Bay of Pigs swinishness and betrayal see here.

More disappointing for many is that “Our Gloria” had traditionally comported herself above and apart from the typical hypocrisy and grandstanding of the celebrity herd.  Note how many in the Cuban-American community traditionally referred to her: “our Gloria.” If you know any Spanish you’ll notice the term can refer to her personally as well as translate into “our glory.” Many of her millions of fans identified with her penniless-refugee-from Castroism-to riches Cinderella story, which spoke to (and for) many in that community, and grabbed them by their hearts.

The media reports “rage” among Cuban-Americans for the Estefan’s “betrayal.” But it’s really more of a hurt at their error. Val Prieto of Babalu blog is among the harshest critics of the Estefan fundraiser. But as he explained it recently to the Associated Press:

“They represented our community with much dignity and class throughout their entire career. But now I’m disappointed…It just leaves a real bad taste in my mouth and in among a lot of the people in the community.”

Contributing to the glory, Gloria’s late father was a military hero. As-mentioned, he volunteered for the Bay of Pigs invasion, and was wounded during the desperate battle against overwhelming Soviet firepower. A few years later he volunteered for two tours of duty in Viet-Nam and was wounded again. He died a lingering death (Agent Orange was suspected) while nursed by his loving and devoted daughter.

More here:

Amazing. Her father must be flipping in his grave.
According to news reports, her purpose for this fundraiser was to ask Obama to work for the freedom of jailed dissidents in Cuba:

If that’s so, she picked the wrong politician.  Obama isnt exactly a force for freedom and democracy in the world. He functioned as a whipping boy for Latin America’s communist thugs during the Fifth Summit of the Americas.  He’s a laughing stock in the Islamofascist nation-states.  His world-wide  ‘apology tours’  flogged America for the world’s ‘injustices’—real or imagined—and he’s become quite adept at the bowing gesture.

And she thinks this milksop actually gives a flying fuck about the condition of Cuba’s dissidents.

Good luck with that, Gloria.

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  1. hortensia soto

    you bitch did you forgetwhere you came from I rememeber when you practised out of a garage to be the miami sound machine and you’re family had nothing now you think you and you’re husband are hot shit right now I am so dissapointed what would probably dissapoint me more if you tell me that Willie and Lizzete Chirino were there too. and I was born in America I can imagine what the cuban americans born in Cuba must be feeling about you righ now I will never play a cd of yours ever again I just threw all of my collection away and I hope that every one that feels the same I do does the same I knew when you guys started helping all these cuban musicians that came from Cuba not long ago you and you’re husband were all about the money !!!! good luck!!!!

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