Good Riddance Richard Trumka

Richard Trumka, the brutish thug who lorded over the AFL-CIO has croaked.

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Richard Trumka, the leader of the AFL-CIO has died. He was 72.

……Politico is reporting that Trumka is believed to have died as the result of a massive heart attack.

he AFL-CIO, which Trumka headed for more than a decade, represents more than 12.5 million workers. The president was considered labor leader and a key ally of the Biden White House prior to his passing.


Trumka was cut from the same cloth as Jimmy Hoffa.  He worked his way up the union ranks leaving a trail of bodies in his wake. He really had a field day during Obama’s regime. While he schmoozed with Barky, his minions carried out violence at a Washington port facility.  He pushed the socialist agenda of popular control over private corporations. After Michigan passed the Right to Work Law, his union goons rioted, committed assault, and threatened a bloodbath. When whistleblowers in the AFL-CIO stood up to labor bosses who padded time sheets, gave themselves 401(k) plans, hefty weekly allowances, and lavish expense accounts funded with members’ dues, they were beaten and received death threats. They also sent death threats to the Wisconsin Governor, GOP Senators, and businesses.

More on Trumka’s criminal history at Discover the Networks:

In 1993, UNWA thuggery proved fatal. Trumka, in an effort to ensure that no one would be able to find employment as a miner without paying dues or agency fees to the UMWA, ordered more than 17,000 mine workers to walk off their jobs. Moreover, he explicitly instructed striking miners to “kick the sh– out of every last one” of their fellow employees and mine operators who resisted union demands. In response, UMWA enforcers vandalized homes, fired gunshots at a mine office, and cut off the power supply to another mine, temporarily trapping 93 miners underground. Then, on July 22, 1993, a UMWA member shot 39-year-old, non-union worker Eddie York in the back of the head as York was driving home from his Logan County, West Virginia job, killing him. Eight UMWA strikers were present at the scene of the shooting. When guards subsequently came to check on York’s condition, those eight strikers threw rocks at them. Rather take any disciplinary action against the UMWA strikers responsible for the violence, Trumka explained metaphorically: “[I]f you strike a match and put your finger in, common sense tells you you’re going to burn your finger.”

In November 1983 in New York City, Trumka was honored at the annual luncheon of the Labor Research Association, a Communist Party USA (CPUSA) front group.

In the late 1990s, Trumka twice invoked his Fifth Amendment protection against self-incrimination in a congressional committee investigation of a corruption and money-laundering scandal involving his friend, Teamsters Union president Ron Carey.


Trumka is in hell, but unfortunately, there are more just like him in the union mafias.


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