Google Censors: Web Must be Controlled Because Free Speech is Unacceptable

This is coming from a social media conglomerate that oppresses and intimidates conservative employees, who are afraid to express their opinions.


Via Breitbart

In “The Good Censor”, an 85-page briefing leaked to Breitbart News from inside Google, the company blames a range of user behavior including ‘cyber harassment,’ ‘cyber racism’ and ‘venting’ for eroding ‘utopian’ belief in online free speech.
The briefing identifies “users behaving badly” as one of the reasons for tech companies’ “shift toward censorship.” It can be read in full here.

Responding to the leak, an official Google source said the document should be considered internal research, and not an official company position.

On pages 25-35, the document runs through a list of “bad behaviors” that Google uses to explain the rise of Silicon Valley censorship. One of the behaviors identified by Google is people simply expressing their feelings.

“When they’re angry, people vent their frustrations. But whereas people used to tell friends and family about bad experiences, the internet now provides a limitless audience for our gripes.”

Another example of “users behaving badly” is a tweet by Donald Trump during his 2016 campaign, which accused Google of biasing its search engine to favor Hillary Clinton. This claim was backed up by independent research, but Google’s briefing labels it a “conspiracy theory.”

The briefing also complains about the level playing field created by social media, in which “everything looks like the New York Times.” The briefing warns that “Crummy politicians jump on the confusion to expand their influence.”

The fact that “everyone has a voice” on the net is presented as a problem.

Google is an out-of-control social media oligarchy that not only oppresses employees, but uses its power and influence to corrupt, discriminate, and bully.

An anonymous Google employee gave an interview in which he described the company as being run like a Prog religious cult:

……Every week, Google holds an end-of-week meeting with all its Mountain View employees called a “TGIF meeting” (Thank God It’s Friday). According to Gordon, the TGIF that followed Trump’s election victory was something to behold.

“After the 2016 election, we had an entire TGIF dedicated to the election result, in which several of our top management gave emotional speeches as though the world was going to end, and seemed to be on the verge of tears.” says Gordon “It was embarrassing.”

(our previous interviewee, Emmett, similarly described an “internal meltdown” at Google after Trump’s win)

“Google is run like a religious cult. Conform and carry out the rituals, and you’ll be rewarded and praised; ask any uncomfortable questions or offend the wrong people, and the threats and public shaming will be swift and ruthless. The religion in this case is a kind of intersectional feminism, its central tenets are Diversity and Inclusion, its demonic enemy is Bias, and its purifying rituals include humiliating forms of “training” that resemble Maoist struggle sessions.”

“This might sound crazy to a lot of your readers, but college students should understand, since it’s a similar culture.”



Google censors and shadow bans conservative websites on a regular basis by manipulating search results.

It’s also important to note that Google has collaborated with the communist totalitarian regime in Beijing to oppress free speech in China.

If there was ever a need for an FCC investigation, this is it.



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