GOP Demands Investigation of Obama’s Intelligence Leaks

From the Washington Times.

Trying to force the fight over intelligence leaks straight to the Senate floor, Republicans on Tuesday introduced a resolution that would put the chamber’s members on record over whether they think an independent counsel is needed to look at the Obama administration.

The resolution marks an escalation in what is turning into a major Washington tussle, which has national security matters at its heart, complicated by all the makings of a Washington political firestorm.

Republicans have demanded that Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. name an independent counsel with special investigative powers to look into a series of leaks ranging from drone strikes to cyber attacks on Iran, which all sides say exposed classified programs to dangerous levels of public scrutiny.

But Mr. Holder and the administration have refused, instead naming two U.S. attorneys to lead an investigation.

Testifying to a Senate committee on Tuesday, Mr. Holder said journalists could be forced to give information in the investigation if investigators can’t learn what they need to know from other sources.

If you believe the “two U.S. attorneys” from Holder’s DOJ will actually investigate the sordid details of Obama’s treason, I have a big bridge in Brooklyn for sale…cheap.

Of course, the Dems are on hand to block any attempt at justice.

Obama saw fit to disclose operational secrets about getting Bin Laden, and as a result, the Paki doctor who served as an informant got thrown under the bus.  Gawd knows how many other informants are in danger and how many operations have been scuttled thanks to Obama’s need to masturbate his ego.

Forget OpSec. It’s all about him.

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