GOP Sweeps VA, Wins in NJ, Loses in NY

Robert F. McDonnell’s decisive victory over R. Creigh Deeds headlined a victorious night for Republicans, who also held the offices of attorney general and lieutenant governor and expected to make gains in the House of Delegates.

State Sen. Kenneth T. Cuccinelli defeated Stephen C. Shannon to take the attorney general post occupied until earlier this year by Mr. McDonnell. With 99 percent of the vote counted, Mr. Cuccinelli led Mr. Shannon 57.6 percent to 42.3 percent.

In New Jersey, Republican Chris Christie unseated assclown Gov. Jon Corzine.

During his tenure, Corzine commuted the death sentences of some of the most despicable filth on the planet.

Obama campaigned heavily for Corzine, as did the WaPo.  Both were probably last night’s biggest losers.

Unfortunately, the Conservative Party candidate in NY 23, Doug Hoffman, did not enjoy the same outcome thanks mostly to RINO turncoat Dede Scozzafava.  Scozzafava withdrew from the race due to Hoffman’s considerable poll numbers. Democrat Bill Owens scored a victory after Scozzafava threw her support behind him.
Two quotes from Hoffman:

“The government works for us, not the other way around”

“They called us radicals but I call it common sense”

Hopefully, we’ll see him in 2010.

Note to Dede: Cross the fucking aisle.  The “R” behind your name doesn’t change the fact you’re a liberal democrat. 

In the race for the Pennsylvania supreme court, Republican Joan Orie Melvin defeated Democrat Jack Panella in a heated contest 52-58%

“Blinky” Pelosi, CNN, and the leftwingnuts at MSNBC and ABC are in total denial.


The liberal bastion LA Times completely ignored the GOP victories in favor of regional races and NY23.

The New York Times tried to explain it away.

And of course, Obama’s mouthpiece, Robert Gibbs claimed that the races for governor ‘hinged on local issues’, and ‘were not a referendum’ on President Punchdrunk.

Newsflash, Obama simps: Denial ain’t a river in Egypt.  You  just got a small taste of the backlash coming in 2010. We’ll see if  you can shrug that one off.

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