GOP Will Open Convention as Planned, Then Recess Until Tuesday

The convention will start as planned Monday and then immediately recess until Tuesday.

It’s Tampa in the middle of hurricane season. What did anyone expect?
Having said that, the GOP will rock like a hurricane.

This isn’t 2008 any more. The conservative movement, aware of the dire threat to America’s future, is unifying this time. Their awareness is spreading to independents, as Steve Bannon’s devastating indictment of the Obama presidency, The Hope & The Change, produced by Citizens United, shows. That means that Barack Obama is in trouble.  The bounce the Romney/Ryan team should get from this week’s Republican National Convention should be very real, no matter how the press spins it for Obama.
The RNC isn’t going to waste any time gunning their engine; the second night, the Convention features a screening of Bannon’s The Hope & The Change, which features the personal stories of 40 Democrats and independents who supported President Obama in 2008, but now want nothing to do with him. (Monday night, Bannon and Citizens United are slated to show one of the late Andrew Breitbart’s great passion projects, Occupy Unmasked, as well.)

For the RNC and Tampa:

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