Government School Idiots Confiscate Child’s Cupcakes Because They Were Decorated With Toy Soldiers

From CNS News.

A Michigan elementary school confiscated homemade cupcakes from a third-grader because they were decorated with plastic green Army Soldiers.

The mother of the student, Casey Fountain told Fox News that the principal of the Schall Elementary School in the town of Caro, Michigan, called the cupcakes “insensitive” in light of the recent shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT.

Mr. Fountain says his wife delivered the cupcakes to the front office in the morning:

“About 15 minutes later the school called my wife and told her they couldn’t serve the cupcakes because the Soldiers had guns,” Fountain told Fox News.

According to the report, Principal Susan Wright released a statement defending the decision:

“These are toys that were commonplace in the past,” she wrote. “However, some parents prohibit all guns as toys. In light of that difference, the school offered to replace the Soldiers with another item and the Soldiers were returned home with the student.”

“Living in a democratic society entails respect for opposing opinions,” she stated. “In the climate of recent events in schools we walk a delicate balance in teaching non-violence in our buildings and trying to ensure a safe, peaceful atmosphere.”

Out of control paranoid zealots that have taken over the American school system.  They are incapable of making reasoned, common sense decisions.  The morons probably thought the toy Soldiers’ guns were actually loaded.

Apparently, children who shape a Pop-Tart into a gun, play “Rescue the World” by throwing a fake grenade at “evil forces”, point a Hello Kitty bubble gun at a classmate, or make a gun gesture with their little hands, are considered armed and dangerous.

However, pushing radical leftwing propaganda, taking away a child’s homemade lunch, teaching the art of “fisting”, sexual positions, porn stars and bestiality as part of “sex education”, and the indoctrination of Islamofascism, are all part of academic life in American schools.

Remember, The State knows how to raise your children better than you.

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