“Gun Control” Idiot Shoots Self, Three Children

Irony, thy name is “gun control” nut.

From the Washington Examiner

A mother in Texas was found dead alongside her three children on Friday in an apparent triple murder-suicide.

Ashley Auzenne, 39, was known to have been battling depression and anxiety in addition to physical ailments such as arthritis and lupus at the time of her death, which was ruled as a suicide by a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Her three children, Parrish, 11, Eleanor, 9, and Lincoln, 7, were also killed by gunshots, and their mother is the only suspect. She had just finalized a contentious divorce from their father, Murvin Auzenne Jr.

Ashley Auzenne was a vocal advocate for stricter gun control in the United States, with multiple social media postings calling for an end to gun violence and Facebook profile pictures that bore the hashtags #Enough and #EndGunViolence.

Authorities discovered the bodies of the woman and her children after they were called to Auzenne’s home on Thursday by a relative who had requested a welfare check. “They were kids you wanted to have around, they really were. They played well, they talked to the adults. They’re amazing children in all kinds of fantastic ways. The family has all rallied around my son, Murvin. Our focus is only on one thing: helping through this difficult time,” the children’s grandfather, Murvin Auzenne Sr., said to ABC 13.

Locals who knew the family in the neighborhood and school also expressed shock at the deaths of the Auzenne children and their mother. “I’m upset,” neighbor Annette Flores told KPRC. “Children? Really? Children are innocent, I mean, I mean, it’s just, it’s a waste, and it’s just really bad, and it makes me angry that someone would take it out on children.”


More proof that we need mental health control and leftwing extremist control, not gun control.

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