Happy Birthday Ronald Reagan

A Soldier’s tribute to a great American President:

I can say unequivocally that President Reagan not only helped America believe in itself again, but he brought pride in the military back into fashion. I had the misfortune of suffering though the likes of Carter and Clinton, who did their damnedest to eviscerate everything we stand for.  I truly feel sorry for the troops who must now endure the socialist milksop B. Hussein Obama.

President Reagan was one of this country’s most dedicated leaders in the midst of tragedy and liberal policies that vilified anything remotely patriotic. Leftwing nuts glorified those who would have gladly subjugated the entire planet to a communist totalitarian regime, and continued that “fine” tradition by spewing hatred for George W. Bush, while Islamofascists get Valentines. The sick little miscreants use their newspaper columns, radio programs and websites to regurgitate their venom and malevolence toward America.

Ronald Wilson Reagan personified everything that is abhorrent to the left: integrity, courage, ethics, and love of country. Instead, they fawn over the nihilist assclowns in the Democratic Party who tear at the fabric of this nation.

Such is the modern philosophy of the Democrats, who have leaned so far to the left that they make Lenin look like a Republican.

It’s so good to watch old clips of Reagan and realize that he never gave up on America, even when Jimmy Carter had run it into the ground and told the next generation that the American Dream was dead.

The greatest tribute and legacy of Ronald Reagan is something that no longer exists:  The Berlin wall. When he challenged Gorbachev to “tear down this wall”  he set forth the spirit and force of freedom in Eastern Europe that could no longer be denied.

His staunch support of the nation and its military will forever be remembered and treasured by this grateful Soldier.

Rest easy Mr. President.

Duty, Honor, Country


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    you have a great vocabularry…me too.


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