Help Wanted: Get Paid to be an ‘Occupy’ Protester

Wanna bet this will never show up on any 1040 forms?

The Working Families Party, affiliated with leftwing unions and ACORN, has the following advertizement on Craigslist:

You too can be a “social justice” rabble rouser earning between $350 and $650 a week!  One of the requirements for the “job” is the ability to be a human microphone, ie “public speaking” skills. If that’s the case, any crazy homeless streetcorner preacher will qualify.

 Who says there’s no jobs out there?  Maybe some of those college grads who are surprised to find out that they’re supposed to pay back their student loans can use this as an employment opportunity. They can make anywhere from $14oo to $26oo a month, which is more than some retirees get.   Just think, at that salary, the collection of freaks, neo-Bolsheviks, leftover 60s hippies, and perpetually out-of-work derelicts can “occupy” Wall Street for months. Kinda like squatters for hire. 

Where does the Working Families Party get its money?:

Henry Stern of New York Civic summarizes a series of articles in a small New York paper called City Hall about a network of groups surrounding New York’s hard left Working Families Party, the gist of which is that “Some of the Fund’s financial supporters were the same as those for the Working Families Organization, including the biggest single named donation from 2006 (visible on a ‘Donations by Deposit’ form filed with the state attorney general’s office): $200,000 from the Open Society Institute of billionaire philanthropist George Soros, who also wrote a $150,000 personal check to the Working Families Organization that year. Those donations are far larger than the $94,200 limit that the Working Families Party is bound to hold to under state law.”

Spooky Dude Soros has his fat little fingers in a lot of pies.  If you dig far enough, you’ll probably find some taxpayer subsidies as well.

It will be amusing to see how many slugs take the WFO bait.

3 thoughts on “Help Wanted: Get Paid to be an ‘Occupy’ Protester”

  1. lmao i am one of the working class struggling. i have a b.s. and still work for little more than minimum wage. this country has taken away any pride i may have so i am not ashamed to say i would do this in a heartbeat if paid. i’m not rich enough to have morals

    1. noyb,
      With poor syntax and sentence construction like that, it’s unbelievable that you have a “b.s.” in anything. Which leads me to think you’re full of “b.s.”
      There’s not one damned thing wrong with being part of the working class earning a minimum wage. The goal, if you actually have one, is to use that as a stepping stone to the next higher-paying job. Believe it or not, many wealthy, sucessful people started out that way and didn’t make a fatuous statement like “this country has taken away my pride”; which is a big fucking neon sign of a loser. If you’re willing to be paid to mouth anti-capitalist bullshit along side the “Occupy” slugs, then you’re just as big of a mindless hypocrite. You’d have no morals regardless of your financial status.


      SFC MAC

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