How to Deal With the ATF

This is a classic.

Hat Tip to Aaron Nye

Bodycam footage from July 7, 2020, has resurfaced online showing Columbus, Ohio, police officers tasing and arresting ATF Agent James Burk who, prior to his arrest, says he was investigating an alleged illegal shotgun purchase. Cops arrived at the scene after getting a report of “a person impersonating a police officer.” In the video, Agent Burk appears to repeatedly refuse to follow commands. He has filed a lawsuit against the City of Columbus and the two officers involved, alleging use of excessive force.


This is the same ATF that planned to destroy evidence from Obama’s Fast and Furious gunrunning, wants jilted lovers to turn in former partners, tracks American gun owners, and partnered with the corrupt FBI during the Waco debacle and the murders at Ruby Ridge.

Give the 911 caller a medal.

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