Illegal Aliens Rome Free in Texas, Thanks to Feds

Federal immigration officials allowed scores of violent criminals — some ordered deported decades ago — to walk away from Harris County Jail despite the inmates’ admission to local authorities that they were in the country illegally, a Houston Chronicle investigation found.

A review of thousands of criminal and immigration records shows that Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials didn’t file the paperwork to detain roughly 75 percent of the more than 3,500 inmates who told jailers during the booking process that they were in the U.S. illegally.

Although most of the inmates released from custody were accused of minor crimes, hundreds of convicted felons — including child molesters, rapists and drug dealers — also managed to avoid deportation after serving time in Harris County’s jails, according to the Chronicle review, which was based on documents filed over a period of eight months starting in June 2007, the earliest immigration records available.

Many of the illegal alien scumbags who got released went on to commit more murder, rape, child molestation, and armed robbery. It reads like a criminal’s guide on using the system to take advantage of bureaucratic incompetence. The most infuriating part is reading how the felons admitted to being here illegally, but were still released from custody.

A related story:

On a cloudy Monday afternoon in April, Tina Davila was buried according to her wishes: dressed in her favorite Dallas Cowboys jersey, with a photo of all five of her children tucked inside her coffin. In the picture, Kaylynn, the baby girl Davila died trying to protect, looks fussy, her chubby cheeks puckered into a pout.

Billy Brewer, Kaylynn’s father, watched as Davila’s coffin was lowered into a grave at San Jacinto Memorial Park Cemetery in Houston.

Brewer, a long-haul trucker, had a crush on Davila since he was a teenager. He loved her wide smile and how, he said, ”she wouldn’t back down from nothing for nobody.” Most especially on the day Davila, 39, tried to fight off the man who cornered her in a parking lot while Kaylynn was strapped into her car seat.

Witnesses told police Davila refused to hand over her car keys and screamed as she was stabbed in the chest: “My baby! My baby!”

In the days after her death April 16, Brewer couldn’t bring himself to watch the surveillance camera video of the slaying. Not yet. He had a 4-month-old baby, just learning how to roll from her back to her belly, and a house full of memories.

On the TV news, Brewer learned that Timoteo Rios, the man charged with killing Davila, was an illegal immigrant with a criminal record. Rios had admitted to local law enforcement twice before the slaying that he was in the country illegally, but he wasn’t deported, according to arrest and immigration records.

“I just want to know why,” Brewer said. “If they were doing their jobs right, he wouldn’t have been out there. Why’d they let him go?”

The problem is, they keep coming in and worse, coming back because no one stops them. Border security is a joke. The border patrol is understaffed, under armed, overwhelmed, and in some cases like Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean, prosecuted for doing their job.

How close does crime by illegal aliens have to hit before members of Congress, Senate, and law enforcement get a fucking clue? That’s the trouble. They’re immune from most of the criminal element roaming free thanks to feckless government inaction and failure. It will take the rape, murder, or assault of one of their  friends or loved ones to finally wake them up.

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