One of SSG Maupin’s Murderers Killed in Iraq

Army SSG Matt Maupin was captured in Iraq by terrorists and killed in captivity. The ACLU, Democrats, IVAW, and Code Pink are strangely silent about the violation of his rights under the Geneva Convention. I’m shocked.

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On a better note:

One of the men believed to be a captor of Staff Sergeant Matt Maupin has been killed in Iraq.

The U.S. military has confirmed Hajji Hammadi was killed with another armed insurgent on November 11 during a raid by U.S. forces in Baghdad’s Mansour neighborhood.

Staff Sgt. Maupin’s father, Keith Maupin, tells 9News Hammadi is the tall figure seen on the left hand side in a video showing his son in captivity that aired on Arab television network Al-Jazeera.

“I feel satisfied in the fact that justice was done and this guy is held accountable. He not only did this to Matt, but there were other plots he was involved in. His plotting is done,” said Keith Maupin.

The military says Hammadi was linked to Maupin’s abduction in 2004.

Maupin, originally from Batavia, was finally laid to rest earlier this year after his remains were recovered.

One more Islamic son of a bitch is in hell.

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