In Remembrance: Tony Snow 1955-2008

Robert Anthony Snow was born 1 June 1955 in Berea, Kentucky. He was best known for his stint as White House press secretary and subsequent Fox News commentator.

A brief bio:

Tony Snow is a journalist and political commentator who left his job at the FOX News Channel to become the White House press secretary for George W. Bush in 2006. Raised in Cincinnati, Ohio and educated at Davidson College outside of Charlotte, North Carolina, Snow began his career in journalism in 1979. Over the years he has provided political commentary for publications such as The Greensboro Record and The Washington Times, and appeared as an analyst for news programs on NBC, CNN and PBS. In 1991 and 1992 he served as a speechwriter and media advisor for President George Bush (the elder), and from 1994-2000 he wrote a column for USA Today. Snow then hosted FOX News Sunday (1996-2003) before moving to his own show, FOX’s Weekend Live with Tony Snow. From 2004-2006 he had his own syndicated radio show for FOX News Radio. A longtime conservative and a supporter of George W. Bush, Snow replaced Scott McClellan as the White House press secretary in May of 2006. Less than a year later, in March of 2007, Snow had surgery to remove a cancerous growth. He returned to work a month later, but in August announced his plan to resign as of 14 September 2007.


When he was 17, his mother died from colon cancer; the same disease he bravely fought.
He was a great news analyst, commentator, journalist, and tenacious patriot.

He will be missed.

Rest in peace, Tony.

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