Jesse Jackson’s Castration Fantasy

The Rev. Jesse Jackson apologized Wednesday for saying Barack Obama is “talking down to black people” during what Jackson thought was a private conversation before a FOX News interview Sunday.
Jackson was speaking to a guest at the time about Obama’s speeches in black churches and his support for faith-based charities. Jackson added before going live, “I want to cut his nuts off.”
His microphone picked up the remarks.

Link to video:

Jackson’s comment is funny as hell and reveals his atittude about ‘faith-based’ assistance. Anyone who dares suggest poor people get off of the public teat and either pull themselves up by the boot straps, or even engage in community efforts to help their own is ‘racist’. Everytime he opens his piehole, he proves that racism isn’t a one-way street.

If a white reverend had said such a thing, Jackson, Sharpton, and the entire radical black community would have been rioting in the streets.

As for Obama’s reference to faith-based initiatives:

I doubt that he would actually expand or steer more funds to that purpose. He’s more of a socialist welfare state kinda guy.

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