Inbred Westboro Baptist Trash to Picket in Joplin

Leave it to Fred Phelps and his merry bands of retards to cross the line from free speech to aggressive agitation.

The Westboro Baptist Church — known for its protests at the funerals of Soldiers and people with HIV/AIDS — plans to picket in Joplin on Sunday, where at least 125 people have died in a tornado.

On its website, the church says “Thank God for 125 dead,” an echo of its common refrain crediting God with having people killed in retribution for the United States’ tolerance of homosexuality.

Members plan to be in Joplin on Sunday when…Barack Obama is to visit and may attend at a memorial service for storm victims.

Oh it’s gonna be a real circus if they show up when B. Hussein is there. I don’t like either one of them, and quite frankly, Obama’s photo op won’t do much to help the people of Joplin. He’s just not that into the unwashed masses. As for Phelps and his chromosome-challenged spawn, if there is a god, I wanna see them struck by a big, fat bolt of lightning. Or better yet, an F5 tornado ripping their quaint little church to a pile of debris.

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