Obama Creates His Own Propaganda Department to Counter ‘Unfavorable Stories’

First published at Blogcritics as Obama Creates His Own Propaganda Department.

The new Ministry of Truth.

Obama has created a “rapid response media operation” to respond to “unfavorable stories” about THE ANNOINTED ONE on the web.

The one in charge of this task is Jesse Lee, designated as the “Director of Progressive Media”.

Meet Jesse Lee: A neo-leftie punk whose heretofore claim to fame was a “one-page anti-Iraq war leaflet distributed in cafeterias, coffee shops and libraries across the country”. Wow. What a resume. I bet he wore a Che T-shirt the whole time. How many kids in the communist party did Obama sort through before he came up with this prize?
Lee, by the way, is married to Nita Chaudhary, one of the people responsible for the 2007 MoveOn.org newspaper ad that maligned General David Petraeus as “General Betray Us.”

Progressive media= Leftwing “yes” people who have their heads so far up Obama’s ass they can taste what he had for breakfast.
This latest tactic is part of Obama’s “net neutrality” and various efforts to squelch freedom of speech.    At one point during the 2008 campaign, Obama wanted critics jailed for daring to question his corruption. His lawyers sent threatening letters to station managers over NRA ads, and he tried to persuade the Justice Department to prosecute the American Issues Project for its accurate, spot on ad, that described his friendship with domestic terrorist, Bill Ayers..

Obama has had most of the MSM kissing his ass since the 2008 campaign.  The leftwing media echo chamber has conducted conference calls over political strategy on his behalf.  Some were given unprecedented access to his family for photo ops. One of them even bowed to him the way he bows to Islamic despots.
One notable event took place during an MSNBC ‘Morning Joe’ broadcast, which featured a discussion of the White House targeting Fox News. An email arrived from the White House on the air to ‘correct them’ about an exchange between former WH spokesperson Robert Gibbs and Jake Tapper. One of the commentators, Mika Brezinsky actually made the ‘correction’.

Obviously, B. Hussein doesn’t think the MSM flattery is enough so he spent $80,000 a week in taxpayer funds to staff his media offices.

Oh sure, they’ve had their lover’s spats  here and there. But when it comes down to it, most of them are not ready to get up off their knees and wipe their chins.

The only T.V. news outlet that doesn’t kiss Obama’s ass is Fox News. They’re the one renegade in a sea of broadcast media sycophants. He can’t control them or the criticism he so richly deserves. Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity in particular, rake him over the coals for his “fundamental transformation” of America into a socialist train wreck. For the past 2 years, he’s blamed Bush for everything—even his own endless fuckups—and the Obama media wing dutifully parrots the narrative.  The Left has a visceral hatred of Fox News, which led one of the distressed whiners to follow Obama’s lead and openly declare war on the network.  The internet and talk radio are two big areas of opinion, commentary, and most importantly, dissent against Obama’s jack-booted hijacking of our Constitution, and his unbelievably stupid domestic and foreign policies; a fact which has some leftwing media hacks wrapped around the axle. 

Bloggers are absolutely killing the leftwing chokehold on information and providing the average citizen with facts that refute them. The internet has a  wide selection of sources and counterpoints to what you see and hear on the MSM. They can’t frame the issues to obscure the truth.  That’s what really gnaws at these pompous effetes.

President Punchdrunk’s policy failures are so bad that even the leftwing media can’t sell this shit sandwich anymore; he has to hire a boiler room of militant leftwing demagogues to beat down dissent. Of all the presidents in our history, B. Hussein has to be one of the most thin-skinned. The media elites foisted this narcissistic “community organizer” into office, and they mean to keep him there for another term.
The least we can do in the meantime is give bootlickers like Jesse all the “unfavorable stories” he and his boiler room comrades can handle.

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