Indiana Democrat Resigns Over 2008 Voter Fraud

Another Obama supporter caught in a voter fraud scandal. I’m shocked.

An Indiana prosecutor has opened an investigation into claims that hundreds of signatures were faked on petitions for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in the state’s 2008 presidential primary, as the chairman of the St. Joseph County Democratic Party resigned amid the scandal.

Despite calls for a federal investigation, St. Joseph County Prosecuting Attorney Michael Dvorak said in a statement that the U.S. attorney for the region would not investigate claims regarding petition fraud. Dvorak instead has opened a probe of the allegations and issued a request that the Indiana State Police assist in the investigation.

The announcement comes after the local Democratic party chairman, Butch Morgan, announced his resignation in a statement Monday, saying, “After consulting with the Indiana Democratic State Party, I am stepping down as chairman of the St. Joseph County Democratic Party and as chairman of the Second District Democratic Party, effective today.”

Morgan, who’s been the county chairman since 1995, denied any wrongdoing and said he “regrets” having to resign.

“I hope no one will misinterpret the reasons for my resignation,” Morgan said, “I have done nothing wrong and I look forward to an investigation that will exonerate me of any wrongdoing.”

Indiana’s Republican and Democratic Party chairmen had called for a federal investigation into the forged names that appeared on petitions from the 2nd Congressional District, which contains St. Joseph County. Among the dozens of names so far discovered to be fake are former Indiana Democratic Gov. Joe Kernan.

Kernan told the South Bend Tribune last week that neither the print version of his name nor the signature that appears on the suspect document is anything like his own.

Yet, his and other names were approved by the county voter registration office with the use of a rubber stamp in place of a signature by the Republican member of the office.

The Tribune reported that the St. Joseph County voter registration office has a Democratic and Republican member who sign off on petition pages submitted for review. However, Republican Linda Silcott was out of the office on bereavement leave on the days the suspected fakes passed through her office.

Silcott’s stamped signature is used on the suspect pages while Democrat Pam Brunette signed off on the petitions in her own hand. The Tribune reported that Silcott’s deputy, Mary Carrol Ringler, has authority to use the stamp, but she does not recall if she did so, in part because the dates of the forged petitions coincide with her first two weeks in her post.

Voter fraud, in the effort to get Obamessiah into office, was rampant to the point of absurdity.  ACORN was the worst offender, and it was abetted by Dem politicians who cleared a path for its illegal activities. Dead people, illegals, bribery, and faked names were a staple of ACORN’s voter registrations.

Right here in Ohio, our former illustrious Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, abetted voter fraud (including ACORN) and the 6th District Court of Appeals gave its blessing. In addition, out-of-state Dem voters took up a temporary residence for the sole purpose of fraudulently voting for their boy Obama; taking advantage of a huge loophole in Ohio law. Ohio requires that you live within its borders for 30 days prior to registration with the intent to stay after the election. They voted and left the state.  Some Obama voters took the old joke “vote early and often” literally.

One of the most fatuous decisions I’ve ever read came from Ohio U.S. District Judge Edmund Sargus (Democrat, of course), who ruled that counties must allow homeless voters to list park benches and other locations that aren’t buildings as their addresses.

Some Obama voters did have fixed addresses; prison cells.

Socialist buffoon Al Franken had a team of lawyers that helped him literally steal the election in Minnesota by having new and disqualified ballots counted after the fact. He was also given a boost by convicted felons who voted illegally in Minneapolis-St. Paul.

Since ACORN has been scrutinized and exposed as a corrupt wing of Obama’s 2008 campaign, its activities may not be so successful in the upcoming 2012 campaign.  However, I look forward to all kinds of nasty shit being pulled by his campaign workers; unions especially.

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