Indiana Fleebagger Equates Dems’ Running From Vote With ‘Troops Heading to Afghanistan’

The Dems have no shame. Not a goddamned one of them.

Via Hoosierpundit.

Rep. Dave Cheatham (D-IN) is under the fatuous impression that Dems turning tail and running rather than face legislative responsibility in Wisconsin, is analogous to a Soldier’s selfless courage in Afghanistan.

CHEATHAM: The thing that sticks in my mind, I guess, more than anything else — and this is something that has happened. My wife teaches first grade. This past week, one of the kids in her class, a little first grader’s dad is getting sent to Afghanistan. And he was really sad. And she said, ‘Eell, you know, your dad is doing something really good. He’s going to a country where people there are trying to take away the freedoms of other people there, keep them from living a good life. So he’s leaving to do something good.’ And one of the little girls in class just on her own — and this has never been talked about in class, because my wife doesn’t do that — said, ‘It’s kind of like Mr. Cheatham, he left to make our schools better.’ And when I heard that, that gave me a reason —” (drowned out by applause.)

Wonderful claptrap for the morons in attendance and a touching way to exploit school children.  

Congratulations, Cheatham. You are a first class douchebag.

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