Investigators Who Uncovered Obama’s ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ Leaks Now a Target of Probe

This is what happens when the Obama regime gets implicated in its own crime.

More than two years after sensitive information about the Osama bin Laden raid was disclosed to Hollywood filmmakers, Pentagon and CIA investigations haven’t publicly held anyone accountable despite internal findings that the leakers were former CIA Director Leon Panetta and the Defense Department’s top intelligence official.

Instead, the Pentagon Inspector General’s Office is working to root out who might have disclosed the findings on Panetta and Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence Michael Vickers to a nonprofit watchdog group…

……the inspector general’s office has pursued the new inquiry aggressively, grilling its own investigators, as well as the former director of its whistle-blowing unit, according to several people, including a congressional aide. They requested anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issues surrounding the 2012 movie “Zero Dark Thirty.”

“I’m concerned that the inspector general’s office is barking up the wrong tree,” said Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, who long has championed government whistle-blowing. “There’s no doubt they should look into the ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ fiasco, but they should focus on holding people accountable for leaking highly classified operational material instead of wasting time and money investigating who leaked the report.”

……In the bin Laden matter, Panetta himself exhorted intelligence and military personnel involved in the operation on the need to protect secrets at an awards ceremony at CIA headquarters. “In a sensitive operation like this, one leak – one leak – would have undermined the entire operation,” he said at the June 24, 2011, event.

“Everyone involved held this information tight,” he continued, according to a declassified transcript of the speech that Judicial Watch obtained in a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit. “It is a tribute to you that you kept this secret, and as a result this mission was accomplished.”

It was in his speech that Panetta disclosed classified information to Mark Boal, the “Zero Dark Thirty” screenwriter. Boal was the only audience member who didn’t have top-secret clearance.

The speech contained classified NSA intelligence and top-secret military information, including the protected identity of the ground commander of the Navy SEAL unit that staged the bin Laden raid, according to a Defense Department Inspector General’s Office document that Judicial Watch obtained.

Members of the raiding party sat in the front row in uniform, wearing name tags. They and the then-commander of U.S. Joint Special Operations Command, Adm. William H. McRaven, were “surprised and shocked” that a Hollywood screenwriter had been invited to the top-secret event, said a draft report on the Pentagon Inspector General’s Office probe.

Being targeted by Obama’s flying monkeys depends on who you are.

As long as the leaks—regardless of the damage to national security and military operations—are from one of his staff or from Obama himself, Eric Holder doesn’t view that as a problem.  Pointing out that the leaks actually came from them, results in retaliation.

Obama never misses an opportunity for self aggrandizement and political grandstanding.   ‘Hey ya know what, wouldn’t it be neat to see some classified parts of my Bin Laden mission on the Big Screen?’

He saw fit to disclose operational secrets about getting Bin Laden, and as a result, the Paki doctor who served as an informant got thrown under the bus.  Gawd knows how many other informants are in danger and how many operations have been scuttled thanks to Obama’s need to masturbate his ego.

The source of the leaks leads right back to the White House, the CIA, and the Pentagon. 

They all participated.

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