Ohio Cracks Down on Voter Fraud

About damned time.

Showing he’s taking voter fraud seriously, Ohio’s secretary of state recommended Wednesday that 17 non-citizens who voted in the 2012 presidential election be prosecuted.

Secretary of State Jon Husted has also found 274 others who remain on voter rolls, and he’s looking for more, Fox News reported.

Ohio was an important swing state in 2012. When it was called for President Obama, that was pretty much the end of the ball game for his challenger, Republican Mitt Romney. Obama took the state by just two percentage points.

“I have a responsibility to uphold election law, and under both federal and state law, you must be a citizen to vote,” Husted said, according to Fox News.

……The 17 cases referred for prosecution aren’t the first in the Buckeye state. Election officials successfully prosecuted several others since the November 2012 election, including a poll worker accused of voting six times.

The worker, Melowese Richardson, was convicted on four counts and is serving a five-year prison term. Prosecutors said she voted in the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections in the name of her sister, who has been comatose since 2003, according to Fox News. In 2012, she voted under multiple names, including that of her granddaughter, India Richardson, who told Fox News, “It wasn’t a big deal.”

A Cincinnati man was also sentenced after pleading guilty to voter fraud, Fox reported.

Ohio is my home state, and unfortunately, the area in which I live is a Demrat stronghold.  During the 2008 election, our former corrupt Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, abetted voter fraud (including ACORN) and the 6th District Court of Appeals gave its blessing. In addition, out-of-state Dem voters took up a temporary residence for the sole purpose of fraudulently voting for their boy Obama; taking advantage of a huge loophole in Ohio law. Ohio requires that you live within its borders for 30 days prior to registration with the intent to stay after the election. They voted and left the state.  In Indiana, Democratic party chairman, Butch Morgan, resigned after hundreds of faked signatures were discovered on petitions for B. Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton during the 2008 primaries.

Project Veritas, an organization headed by James O’Keefe, has uncovered voter fraud all over the United States.

Kudos to Husted for throwing the book at these malfeasants.



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