Israel Strikes Back at Hamas and Gaza, Egypt Enters Fray (UPDATED)


Israeli troops mass on Gaza border.

Tanks and troops are massing on Israel’s border with Gaza, and on Friday evening, Israel’s cabinet authorized mobilization of up to 75,000 reservists, up from just 16,000 authorized the day before, with 30,000 already reporting for duty in their home districts. These moves are reactions to long-range rockets from Gaza reaching as far as Jerusalem, though without yet creating damage or casualties.

Hamas HQ destroyed.

Israel continued its aerial bombardment of Gaza overnight, with a direct strike on the office of Hamas Prime Minister, Ismael Haneiya, who is not believed to have been in the building in the Nasser neighbourhood at the time of the attack.
A police station in Gaza city and the headquarters of the Ministry of Interior were also destroyed, along with a weapons store in Rafa, the IDF spokeswoman Avital Leibovich confirmed on Twitter. Overnight, the IDF attacked 200 targets including 120 rocket launchers and 20 smuggling tunnels in Rafah.

Aw. They’ll have to find a new rat hole.

From the Jerusalem Post:

Over 700 rockets fired since start of operation; IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz instructs military to increase rate of strikes; IDF strikes 200 targets overnight, hitting Hamas Prime Minister’s headquarters.
Gazan terrorists fired volley after volley of rockets on Southern towns on Saturday, as red alert sirens wailed repeatedly, warning residents to flee for cover.

According to Israel Radio, over 60 rockets have fallen on the South on the fourth day of Operation Pillar of Defensive. The Iron Dome rocket defense system intercepted 15 of the rockets.

CNN and BBC did their usual style of reporting by showing videos of faked Arab victims of Israeli strikes.

Note to both networks:  The more pissed off Israel gets, the more  muzzie zealots you’ll see as real casualties.

Egypt, which Obama ignores as a newly acquired property of the Muslim Brotherhood, fired rockets into Israel. No injuries were reported.

Hamas is using a tactic practiced by muzzies in war; placing their missile launchers next to playgrounds, mosques, gas stations, and factories.  They figure they can get plenty of propaganda mileage in the media if Israel fires on these sites.

The only real ally we have in the Middle East is Israel, whom the Dhimmi-in-Chief Obama continuously insults and disrespects. In addition, our government makes a habit of sending millions of our taxpayer dollars to scumbags like Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. That is the definition of abject stupidity. I hope Israel finally gets fed up and annihilates the entire Gaza strip, for starters.


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