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Jesse Watters:

“Biden raided Trump’s house and then went on vacation. He took Hunter on Air Force One with him. It’s crazy. I think Newsweek reported that they had a mole inside Mar-a-Lago, which doesn’t surprise me. Remember, they put moles in the campaign, put moles all over the place. They probably put the mole at Fox, the FBI. It’s what they do.”

“I don’t even believe there was a mole. That’s just a justification to say ‘Oh, someone told me they bought a safe. That’s why we went in.’”

“I wouldn’t be surprised also if they planted bugs. I mean, they did bug the campaign. They fraudulently doctored evidence to get a warrant to wiretap the campaign. I would sweep that whole estate with a bug sweeper,” he said at a later point in the segment.

Watters posited that it was an Obama-appointed archivist who started the whole chain of events that led to the raid.

“He said January 6th was the worst day of his life. He wasn’t at the Capitol on January 6th, the archives are blocks away,” Watters continued. “He said that he saw on television Trump leaving for Mar-a-Lago on inauguration day with a box and he goes, ‘What is in that box?’ And that’s when this whole thing started.”

“Now, Obama has got boxes of stuff in Chicago, Biden has got stuff at the University of Delaware. Remember you can’t see it when he got accused of rape. You can’t see it, but Trump’s not allowed to have a love letter from Little Rocket Man.”

He went on to explain what a suspect decision it was to shop around for judges who would sign the search warrant, only for the FBI to land on the judge who resigned his judgeship to defend the pilot in the Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking case.

“He represented the pilot, the pilot that flew children to an island to get raped. Now usually if you fly children to an island to get raped, you usually spend time in prison, but for some reason this guy spent no time in prison,” he said, adding, “And he’s all over social media saying ‘Oh, I hate President Trump, I love Joe Biden.’”

Watters advised, “The surveillance video at Mar-a-Lago exists. So, I think they should release that to show these guys rummaging through Melania’s closet. What do you think, The president went in there and like, stuffed things in her undergarments and like, sewed documents inside of her dresses so they couldn’t see it?”

Finally, Watters suggested that Trump should have torched everything in the manner that Hillary Clinton is said to have wiped the private server she kept at her home that may or may not have contained classified information that was germane to national security interests.

Laws are for little people. 


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