Jim Moran (D-VA), Self-Appointed Expert: Rep. Allen West (R-FL) is ‘Not Representative’ of the Black Community

This mentally unstable douchebag is on par with Joe Biden, Pete Stark, and Nancy Pelosi in the unhinged department.

Via Breitbart.

Rep. Jim Moran (D-VA) went on MSNBC’s “dog whistle” expert Martin Bashir’s show and unleashed an assault on freshman Rep. Allen West (R-FL) that focused exclusively on the unrelated subject of Congressman West’s African American heritage. Not only does he refer to the black congressman in terms of the African animal, the hyena, he ties the animal to its depiction in the “Lion King”. Both the movie and the play portrayed the hyenas as “jive-talking” (NPR) “gangstas” (Newsweek). If that wasn’t enough – yet unnoticed by Bashir who tried to falsely connect Andrew Breitbart to racism in an interview last year – Moran doubled and tripled down on his racist tirade – even challenging the black congressman’s black authenticity.


People like Mr. [Allen] West, and Governor Brewer and so on, particularly Mr. West, is not only not representative of the African-American community or of the Republican Party, let alone of the American public. So what he says really is of little or no consequence, but it’s unfortunate,” Rep. Jim Moran (D-VA) said about Rep. Allen West telling liberal leaders to “get the hell” out of the country.

“He just seems clueless not that he has climbed abroad ship. He’s climbed this latter of opportunity that was constructed by so many of his ancestors’ sweat, sacrifice, blood, you know they did everything they could for his generation to be successful. But now that he’s climbed abroad ship, instead of reaching down and steadying the latter, he wants to push it off. ‘I’m up here. If you’re not with me, too bad.’ And President Obama, fortunately, is the kind of guy that says ‘I was very fortunate to get where I am and I’m going to spend my life trying to steady that latter of opportunity by reducing college tuition and training our workers, trying to get a decent job for everybody. Making sure that while I’m African-American, it really doesn’t matter. What matters is my commitment to public service, my love for this country and I’m going to leave a constructive legacy,'” he said.

Moran says that Obama “doesn’t engage in this nonsense” and calls him our “Lion King” while comparing his Republican detractors to “hyenas.”

Moran is a contemptible fuckstick who openly disrespects the military.  A big, fat, newsflash for Moran:  LTC Allen West, US ARMY (RET) sacrificed plenty.  He rose through the ranks , saw combat, and saved the lives of his Soldiers while putting his ass on the line.

Nothing like a hypocritical bigoted white Democrat trying to give lectures to a black conservative Republican about ethnicity.  When leftist effetes aren’t exploiting and patronizing minorities when it suits their talking points, they’re vilifying Black conservatives for not being “black enough”, and being “whitey’s puppet” and “race traitors”.

Allen West is a tough, no-nonsense patriot, with a get-back-to-the Constitution attitude.   His intelligence, courage, character, and articulate defense of his positions drives the Left to insane distraction.

Leftwingnut demagogues, regardless of ethnic background, have one common denominator: Racism is okay, as long as the target is a black conservative.

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4 thoughts on “Jim Moran (D-VA), Self-Appointed Expert: Rep. Allen West (R-FL) is ‘Not Representative’ of the Black Community”

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  2. SARG…hang on here…West isn’t a representitive of a very large part of the black (hyphenated ‘merican) community…let me ‘splain…

    he don’ be on welfare…

    he don’ sell no drugs…

    he don’ have no ho’s…

    he has a mom AND a dad…

    he ain’t no gangsta…

    he ain’t been in jail…

    annnnnnnd he speaks american english pretty damn well…no ebonyics fo’ ‘im…

    sooo…although his skin tone is very dark he doesn’t represent a very large part of the black/negro/-(hyphen) ‘mericans…or did I mix my meds…agin???

    and let’s not bring his service in uniform into any conversation involving politics…they do not equate…

    one is honorable the other dispicable…

    who luv’s ya???…ya olive drab sweetie…we in the desert of aridzona do’s…

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