Black Leftwingnut Radio Host Thaddeus Matthews Demonstrates His ‘Stupid, Ignorant Ass’ Skills

More race hatred from the Left.

Via Big Government.

This shocking video shows Memphis talk radio host Thaddeus Matthews insulting and humiliating Republican congressional candidate Charlotte Bergmann on air.

Matthews later tells Bergmann to “get your stupid, ignorant ass out of my studio” and refuses to shake her hand because he doesn’t want her “whiteness” to “rub off” on him.

The video exemplifies the true feelings of black liberals- in this particular instance the radio show host is black as well- towards black conservatives.

Must be nice having that double standard on your side all while preaching ‘tolerance’ and ‘acceptance’ of every person from all walks of life…unless they don’t agree with you.

Black Republicans like Kenneth Gladney,  James T. Harris,  Bill Randall, and Allen West are often treated with obscenities, and horrific violence by so-called “tolerant” lefties.

The sin of black Republicans is choosing substance over pigment; which the Left finds intolerable.

Stay classy, lefties.

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4 thoughts on “Black Leftwingnut Radio Host Thaddeus Matthews Demonstrates His ‘Stupid, Ignorant Ass’ Skills”

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  3. bydesign001,
    My sympathies on the liberal zombie family members. Unfortunately, it’s one of those things that can’t be helped. There’s always a few of them in every family. Stand your ground and never back down. The best revenge is living your principles and making sure you remind them everytime the economy and national security take a hit from the damage caused by leftwingnut legislators and presidents.


  4. “The video exemplifies the true feelings of black liberals…”

    Indeed it does. The hatred and animosity toward Black Conservatives is deep. Ran into a cousin at a funeral for the family elder last spring. Hadn’t seen her in three or four years. We ended on the subject of who else? Obama. Don’t know what it is about Black folks who are Progressives who haven’t seen you in several years. They all want to take a moment and relive the election of Obama. Geez.

    In any event, once I informed her that I did not vote for Obama, why and my true feelings, that became some family moment. Her last words to me were, “I always knew YOU were a Republican, now let’s change the subject before I say something that I’m going to regret up in here.”

    Have spoken with the zombie since.

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