Jim Moran’s Son Resigns From Campaign After Project Veritas Catches Him Conspiring in Voter Fraud

Like douchebag father, like douchebag son.

From CBS News.

The field director for Virginia Democratic Rep. Jim Moran – his son Patrick Moran – has resigned after being secretly recorded seemingly advising a conservative journalist masquerading as a supporter that utility bills could be used to aid in voter fraud.

……The undercover video comes from Project Veritas, which is led by group James O’Keefe – the activist whose undercover videos have caused serious headaches for ACORN, NPR and other groups. It shows a Project Veritas “investigator” telling Patrick Moran that he has a friend who is seeking to “get in a van” and vote on behalf of about 100 people. Patrick Moran responds with skepticism, but is later shown saying the person voting on behalf of others could potentially use “utility bills or something like that.”

“He’ll need bills,” says Moran. “He’ll need something with the name and their address on it.” He adds, “they can fake a utility bill with ease, you know?”

Moran later says the person would be better off participating in traditional get-out-the-vote efforts, but he goes on to have a conversation about how to forge documents.

Moran provides all kinds of helpful tips for voter fraud.  He tells the videographer (Jason) that lawyers from OFA (Obama for America) can help out if those documents look legitimate enough, and that Jason should impersonate pollsters and call unsuspecting voters to determine whether or not they were going to vote or if they had already submitted a ballot during early voting.


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