DOD Still Refuses to Call Ft. Hood Attack Terrorism

A muzzie yelling “Allah U Akbar” while he mows down 13 Soldiers for Islam, is “workplace violence”.

From Fox News.

Sen. Lindsey Graham added his voice Tuesday to those calling for the Department of Defense to formally classify the Fort Hood shooting as terrorism, saying that classifying it “workplace violence” is “not fair” to the victims or their families.

The Republican senator was responding to a push by victims for the U.S. government to change its description of the rampage that left 13 dead. Such a change would make those who sustained injuries eligible for certain benefits and awards, like the Purple Heart.

A group called the Coalition of Fort Hood Heroes recently released a 14-minute Web video making their case — those behind the video called on viewers to engage Congress in pressuring the Obama administration.

“Based upon what we already know, this episode fits squarely into the realm of an act of terrorism,” Graham said in a written statement Tuesday. “I will be working with my colleagues in the Senate to challenge this characterization by the Pentagon and push for an accurate description of the tragic incident that took place at Fort Hood. It was terrorism and it should be described that way.

“The difference in characterization between workplace violence and an act of terrorism is meaningful, in a variety of ways, to the victims and their families,” he said.

The Defense Department so far has resisted the push to designate it as terrorism, apparently reluctant to make any changes while suspect Nidal Hasan faces court martial.

The Pentagon has been complicit in the ass-kissing of Islamic extremists since almost immediately after 9/11.  Just months after the attacks, while murdered military personnel were being laid to rest and reconstruction of the damage to the Pentagon was ongoing, Hasan’s pal, terrorist Anwar al-Al-Awlaki, was the guest of honor at a Pentagon dinner.  Al-Awlaki  also trained muslim chaplains.

Egyptian-born terrorist Hesham H. Islam was actually hired as a Pentagon aide, and caused the firing of Major Stephen Coughlin, an intelligence analyst who questioned Islam’s access to classified information and briefed the connection between groups like the Muslim Brotherhood and terrorism.

The shameful groveling by the Dhimmis in U.S. military leadership and the Obama regime happens because koran burning is so much more offensive than the rabid muzzies’ world wide atrocities.  Army Chief of Staff General George Casey just can’t seem to bring himself to do anything other than opine about “diversity” and “backlash”.

Leftwing media hacks also got into the act after the murder of U.S. Soldiers in Texas and Arkansas, by blaming the victims.

The military hierarchy needs to be grabbed by the ‘nads and given an order to stop the PC shit and start acting like warriors.

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