Joe the Plumber Speaks Out

Joe Wurzelbacher “Joe the Plumber” of Toledo, Ohio who confronted Obama about his plans to increase taxes during a recent campaign stop, was interviewed by the Toledo Blade.

When Joe told Obama “I’m being taxed more and more for fulfilling the American dream,”  Obama replied: “I want to spread the wealth around”.

The Toledo Blade video here:

It should be used as a McCain campaign ad.

2 thoughts on “Joe the Plumber Speaks Out”

  1. sgtphoenix,

    You are either dense or simply haven’t paid attention. I’ll make this simple.
    ‘Joe The Plumber’ refers to Joe Wurzelbacher, a guy in Pennsylvania who works in the plumbing profession, and who happened to be outside in his yard when Obama and entourage approached the crowd to take their questions.

    He explained to Obama that he was being penalized for trying to achieve the American dream, you know, that opportunity to make money and succeed thing. Well, Obama replied that he just wants to “spread the wealth”. How Marxist.

    Unfortunately, it’s no joke. If Obama gets his way, you can expect an onslaught against the capitalist, free enterprise system that helps this country thrive.

    Then, the joke will be on all of us, including the rich Democrats who voted for this assclown.


  2. I really do not see what the big deal is on joe the plumber, and how did the media single out this guy since there are dozens of actual sites with company names of “Joe the plumber”?

    Try doing a search in google and there are loads of them, but I bet the servers for these joe the plumber sites are getting strained by the unrealistic media buzz on a political joke by McSame.

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