Letter From a Fired Police Officer to Joe Biden

Biden is a piece of shit.

Bryce A. Priggemeier, Sr.

This email is going out to everyone in my Contacts List and I am asking all of you to do two things – first, read what I have to say and then please forward this to everyone in your email contacts – asking them to do the same.

For those of you that are lost at this point of the email, it would serve both of us best if I give a brief synopsis of past events concerning myself and Joe Biden. For those that have already heard the story – please feel free to skip to the next paragraph. On January 1st, 2001 at about 1 o’clock in the morning, while employed as a police officer for the City of Newark, Delaware and on patrol, I observed a 2001 Ford Explorer pull along side of me at an intersection and proceed about a full car length past the white stop line. When the light turned green and we pulled away, we pulled up to the next intersection and the same vehicle came to a stop well into the middle of the intersection.

A traffic stop was initiated and the driver identified herself as Ashley Biden – inquiring if I knew who her father was. I detected what I believed to be an odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from Ms. Biden. As per department protocol and because of Ms. Biden’s public notoriety, I requested that a supervisor respond to the scene.

During the time period in which I was waiting for the supervisor to arrive, I performed two field sobriety tests while she was inside the vehicle (both of which she failed miserably). Ms. Biden was drunk. My sergeant arrived and was advised that it was my belief that she was intoxicated. As a new officer and fully aware of the political implications that could possibly follow, I looked to my superior for guidance.

I had an idea as to how I wanted to see things play out – a win/win situation! I wanted to have one of the other officers park the vehicle in a parking lot and take Ms. Biden home. A win/win in my book, because she would have been off the road and any political snafu avoided. Is this right? Absolutely not, but when you see where this is headed – if you don’t understand my reasoning thus far you certainly will after hearing the outcome.

I was advised by my sergeant that I was to pull Ms. Biden out of the vehicle, perform the remaining field sobriety tests, and that if she was indeed found to be intoxicated and operating a motor vehicle then she was to be arrested and processed accordingly. Needless to say, when she performed the rest of the field sobriety tests she was barely able to stand let alone perform the tests. I looked to my sergeant for one final guiding point and he raised his arm as if to say “What are you waiting for, arrest her.” I did.

From this point on, she became both belligerent, verbally abusive, and actually propositioned me several times in an effort to be released. I was told by her that her father was a great and powerful man and that she would have my badge! She was processed and blew a .16 on the intoxilyzer (twice the legal limit within the city limits at the time). She was treated with the utmost of courtesy – actually above and beyond while in custody because of who she was.

She was only handcuffed during the ride to the station and roamed freely about
the booking area with her nose up in disgust voicing complaints as to how dirty the place was and how displeased her father was going to be with all of us. She was released a short time later that morning.

After the holidays were over and administration came back to work, I was confronted by a Captain who had my report in hand. He advised me that he had been contacted by the Biden family and asked if there was something that could be done about the arrest. I advised him that I wanted to handle things differently the night it happened and was told differently and that I had absolutely no reservations about doing my job.

He inquired and suggested that there was maybe something that I did wrong in an effort to have the case thrown out when it went to court. I became somewhat disgusted with this questioning and told my captain that I didn’t care what happened to Ms. Biden’s case.

If her father was able to pull strings (above me) and have her case kept out of the courts and the public eye I didn’t care. I told the captain that I was told that I had to do my job that evening, had no problem with doing it, but IF it went to court and I was called to testify to the events of the evening leading to her arrest that I would indeed continue to do the job that I was sworn to do.

The captain asked if this was truly my intention to which I answered ‘100%, absolutely, without hesitation’.

He asked if I was sure I again repeated my answer. Two weeks later I was fired without just cause which they could do because of my probationary status as a new officer. I was given reasons that you don’t fire for as being the reasons why I was being let go. It was very strange.

The same captain did the ‘firing’ while the chief sat there and said nothing with a look of disgust on his face. The tension in him was pretty thick. As I was escorted from the building I was approached by several officers and told that they didn’t agree with what was being done – one saying that “

This is b—s—” and that he was sorry to see me getting dealt with this way. I left Newark PD that day and never returned. I went through two attorneys that once they got close to the case they mysteriously advised me that they had to drop the case.

What Joe Biden and the Newark PD did to me destroyed my life and has scarred me forever. I still miss the job sometimes, but I have rebounded and rebuilt my life. It took a long time and was a hard road. Quite honestly, I have my friends and family to thank.

I had a HUGE support network that saw me through the toughest time of my life. I had dreamed of being a police officer and firefighter since I was a little boy. Something positive out of this – now I have done both and I love being a fireman even more than I did being a police officer. And let’s face it – EVERYONE LOVES FIREMEN RIGHT?

So what do I think about this?

Am I plotting revenge? Am I looking to air this out in the media? I still haven’t made up my mind. We live in a country where this kind of stuff is done everyday by people like Joe Biden. As a society, we are merely like sheep being led to the slaughter house. I am a registered Democrat (if you can believe it – but this is another long story that we won’t get into in this email) but have become what I like to call a Free Thinker. When politicians speak it’s as if they are dictating how you are to think.

I am fed up with politicians. I am fed up with media; I want to take it all in and think logically about issues and form my own opinions.

Yes, I know we need someone in the trenches doing the dirty work making the decisions on foreign policy issues and domestic issues, but I am tired of these elected officials fueling these decisions with personal agendas for their gain and our loss. I know Joe Biden has a wealth of foreign policy experience as the chairman of the Senate Joint Sub Committee on Foreign Policy, but a man that abuses power as he has in my situation is a danger to society. He is a danger to YOU and YOUR family.


Ok, I hear you. A few months ago it was brought to my attention that 3 Delaware State Troopers were fired for arresting Ashley Biden for being drunk and disorderly at a party recently (within the last year).

During the course of arrest she resisted and was dealt with accordingly. I know very few details about this other than what I have just written. I am going to reach out to the Delaware State Trooper’s Association and see if they can verify this and if true put me in touch with the 3 wayward troopers.

I will discuss my case with them and see what their intentions are (if they have any at all). My intentions are that I am going to contact John McCain’s headquarters and provide them with any information they want about this incident. I am not going to push this issue, but just maybe it might make a difference. But let’s face it I am only one person.

If it is something that contributes in ruining Joe Biden’s presidential dreams as he das
hed mine of being a police officer, I will finally be recumbent about the issue.

Immediately after Obama selected Biden, Biden was touted in the media as being a “working man’s man”. It made me nearly sick to my stomach. This was a story of where the “trademark smile” of Joe Biden disappeared and was replaced by a sadistic sneer as he screwed a working man to save face for himself no matter what consequences lay ahead for anyone else.

John McCain is not the best choice and neither is Obama, but in my eyes McCain is the better choice of the two now. My original intention was not to vote at all as a form of protest in the choices being provided to us. Of course one could vote for one of the 16 other candidates being listed on the ballots but let’s face it – the same as not voting at all.

Below is my contact information.

If you have questions or comments, reach out to me and we can discuss them. Please remember me and my story when you step into the ballot box come November.

Keep Obama out of the White House. Keep Biden from attaining more privilege and power to exploit. So I ask this question of you – WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO?

Bryce A. Priggemeier, Sr.
(856) 223–1010 office
(856) 223–1073 fax

Link: http://obambi.wordpress.com/2008/10/13/corruptbiden/

That says it all.

I hope the McCain campaign staff pays attention to this and gives it wide-spread publicity.

But remember, the Dems ‘are for the working class’.

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  1. I tried to repost this on Facebook and it said file cannot be opened. I feel for you, the rich and the powerful always went out in this country. The rule of law does not apply to them. I hope you have been blessed with a job that you’re comfortable in!

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